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Here is a small sample of what graduates and hiring partners have to say...

LEARN provided me a path to level up from passionate hobbyist to developer. More than that, my time at LEARN was empowering and gave me confidence in my ability to succeed as a software developer.

Jezreel Go
Web Developer

The LEARN academy interns were able to add genuinely valuable fixes and new features to the website within the duration of the internship. They exceeded our expectations, which is to both their and your credit.

Greg Sherrid
CTO at Whooo's Reading

We worked with some interns who graduated from LEARN and were absolutely floored by how incredible they were. Even though LEARN is ostensibly a Ruby on Rails and JavaScript bootcamp, the women who interned with us managed to pick up an entirely new language *and* a framework in the span of just a couple weeks. And then they went on to be really productive in both!

Josh Smith
Founder at CodeCorps

At a time in my life where I was ready for a big change, I came to LEARN, and it was the best decision I have ever made! Everyone from the staff to my classmates were nothing short of top notch thank you all so much!

Bob Dennett
Front-End Developer at MeetMax

As part of the first Learn cohort I was uncertain of what to expect, in retrospect it was the best decision I could have made. Quite aside from the great curriculum, the experience was awesome. The sense of belonging and camaraderie made all the difference. Many thanks to Chelsea and Rob!

Jeff Olen
Software Engineer at Verys

LEARN was a great opportunity for me to make a career pivot at a crucial time in my life. Really thankful for the instructors who taught a good curriculum as well as fostered a supportive community. The internship program that LEARN offers was instrumental in helping me get my foot in the door!

Young Hsu
Associate Software Engineer at Ignidus Technology, Inc.

Doing a career switch is no easy feat but LEARN made it such a smooth process. I was able to find an amazing job as a software developer right after my internship and although it's more of an atypical outcome, the fact that such a possibility exists shows just how legitimate the LEARN program is. I absolutely do not regret my decision at all!

Randy S Tseng
Software Developer at Galley

The team appreciated how Tyler was responsive to code reviews and internalized feedback because of this he grew quickly as a developer.

Vincent Grato
Software Engineer Bandsintown

A year ago, I was a wedding planner. Today, I am a software engineer at a Fortune 500 company. People laugh when I tell them that…like they think it must be a joke. Let’s be real: it does sound like a joke. But it’s 100% true, and that is in large part due to my experience at LEARN. Go to LEARN. Gain an education. Leave with a family.

Krista Morrison

Learn Academy offers an intensive, practical tech education with a broad curriculum including Git, data structures, and daily pair programming. Students rapidly gain familiarity with technologies like relational databases and Rails. The outstanding instructors maintain a favorable student-to-teacher ratio, crucial for staying on pace with challenging material that demands near-total commitment, often requiring 95-100 hours weekly. The exhaustive four-month effort is demanding but prepares students with the skills for a developer role.

Dante Moore