Sam Sale

I could easily write a review on how many different languages, technologies and frameworks I encounter on the bootcamp but I would like to comment on depth of course. You learn so much more than just code. You develop as a person because you are pushed in so many ways. You’ll learn how to present, collaborate, challenge and communicate. You’ll be taught by dedicated and engaged teachers who have the interpersonal skills to make complex subject easy to digest. You have access to a brilliant week of career development which is so key in landing your first job as a developer, as you’ll soon realize it not just how well you code that will secure you your first role in tech. You are pushed hard with coding independently but conversely you have access to developers with decades of knowledge and “know how” so you never feel stranded. I have made friends for life on the bootcamp through the collaborative nature of the course. It was a key chapter in my not just my career, but my life.