Natalie Reinicke

I definitely think and believe that if I did not attend LEARN I most likely would not have ended up at my current company. It was such a perfect fit career, goals, culture, and even location wise. I give many thanks to the staff for really knowing how to pair the students off with intern companies.

The curriculum was definitely, at times, rigorous, but it’s mainly because of how little time you have to really learn everything. It’s a big commitment, but it 100% is worth it IF you are willing to put in the time and effort. You get back what you put in.

The instructors were helpful and most of the times available to be called on to come over and overlook things. They don’t just tell you the answer and leave they ask you questions to try to help you realize and come to the answer yourself which helps set you up to become better at solving the issues on your own.

I really enjoyed the time I spent here and have come out of it with a full time job in a competitive yet rewarding industry and also have made friends I will keep forever. If you’re thinking this is the career change for you I’d say go for it and push your boundaries.