Evan Powell

There are a lot of things to learn and experience while attending LEARN Academy. One of the best things I learned was that the opportunities provided are a direct reflection of what you put into your own experience. That is, the staff at LEARN are there to be your advocate and they can help guide you along your journey to becoming a solid developer, but you have to want to go on the journey. There are a lot of ways to learn code; however, the support you get within the LEARN community is found only at one place, LEARN Academy. The curriculum is flexible and tailored to what you and your cohort need. The professional development and internship opportunities are fantastic and will give you the edge when pursing a job. There are even meetups and guest speakers to expand your network and give insight into the local tech community. It might feel intimidating at first, but everyone is there to see you succeed. I entered LEARN Academy thinking I knew what to expect, but what I ended up gaining was beyond anything I could have predicted. Yes, you’ll learn how to code extremely well, but LEARN also will help you develop the most important thing, yourself.