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From placing over 500 interns into over 100 internships, we’ve created an internship program framework that will level up your team and build a pipeline of candidates to fuel your team’s growth.

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Dedicated Support

We eliminate the roadblocks to implementing an internship program by finding the time, identifying a project, and sourcing talent.

Refined Approach

Our tried-and-true process is just the start, we’re your coaches, consultants, and mentors throughout the entire internship. 

Personalized Training

Whether you’re a Director or Senior, we ensure your team can manage the bandwidth and are trained in delegating and optimizing resources – all the skills needed for a successful internship experience.

What's a LEARN managed internship?

Take the guesswork out of building a thriving internship program; we’ve got everything pre-packaged and ready to go.

Plug & Play Program

Our internships last four weeks, and we’re here to smoothly onboard them onto your team and get started on a project or into your existing workload.

200 Grads/year

Instead of wading through hundreds of applicants, we source skilled, diverse, and motivated developers to fuel your internship.

Established Blueprint

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Get access to our playbook of best practices that built over 500 successful internships.

Developing Talent Is What We Do

We help our company partners grow and diversify their development teams with top tech talent.SCHEDULE A CALL WITH OUR TEAM

Across many industries and sizes, we’ve developed relationships with numerous companies.

Coding bootcamp graduates who have been hired through their internship placement.

Internship companies that hire students within the program when looking to hire.

Let's deploy your internship program

Our team is here for you every step of the way. From getting the process in place, all the way to hiring the interns as the next members of your team.

Britney Clark

Partnerships Manager

Internship Process

Our Internship process allows students and companies to get to know each other and facilitates the best opportunities and experiences for everyone involved.


Each internship company will virtually present to the LEARN cohort, followed by a Q&A. This is an excellent opportunity to share the company’s history and growth, project details, and internship logistics.


Companies will conduct short interviews for a subset of the class (a minimum of 8 students). Interviews are hosted virtually in the LEARN classroom via Zoom and provide an opportunity to get to know the students and assess their technical ability.


After interviews, companies rank the candidates based on who would be the best fit for their team. LEARN staff then makes the matches between companies and students based on company rankings, the students’ feedback, and the opinions of the instruction team.


LEARN gets approval of the matches from the company partners and then introduces the interns. Companies provide their incoming interns with what to expect on Day 1, what to study the week before they start, and any logistics to cover.


During the internship, LEARN conducts a Zoom stand-up twice a week to check student progress, and we require them to check in on Slack daily. We also check in with our company partners via email and one scheduled Zoom meeting halfway through the internship.


At the end of the internship, many companies offer extensions to their interns to continue working on the project. Others take the opportunity to make offers and bring the interns on board as employees. With LEARN, we plan a post-internship retro with each partner to evaluate wins, losses, and any changes we need to make.

These guys are doing an awesome job training developers who use critical thinking in everything they do.

CTO at LocalStack

The team appreciated how Tyler was responsive to code reviews and internalized feedback because of this he grew quickly as a developer.

Software Engineer Bandsintown

The LEARN academy interns were able to add genuinely valuable fixes and new features to the website within the duration of the internship. They exceeded our expectations, which is to both their and your credit.

CTO at Whooo's Reading

Internship Partners

LEARN more about our Internship Program

Download our Company Partnership Resource Guide to learn more about how our Internship Program works and how to become a company partner.
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What are the requirements for companies to participate?

LEARN academy requires companies to offer students a 1-month developer internship to participate the internship program. Internship companies must provide 40 hours of work per week for four whole weeks. Companies must also identify at least one mid-level to senior developer or technical lead to act as the mentor for the internship. The mentor’s responsibilities include onboarding the students to the team, guiding the interns/projects, and answering students’ technical questions regarding their projects.

How many students will I be matched with?

LEARN academy typically prefers to send our students in pairs to their internship but can accommodate 1-6 placements per company. We have found that this allows students to lean on each other as they work through problems or run into obstacles without relying solely on the mentor to answer questions. In addition, the pair can work on the same project (pair programming) or two different projects, depending on the company’s needs.

Do we need to pay interns?

Companies are responsible for deciding if they will host a paid or unpaid internship opportunity. By partnering with LEARN academy, companies can offer an unpaid opportunity to continue the educational study of our program. These internships have several restrictions regarding the types of projects students can work on. For more resources on unpaid internships, please follow this link: https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.pdf

How do students get prepared for the internship?

The week before the start of the internship is a time for students to begin preparing for the Internship. We’ll ask you to share any tutorials, subject matter, or NDAs for students to review during that time.

What should we do on week 1 to set interns for success?

During the first week, LEARN highly recommends that mentors sit down with each intern and understand what outcomes they want from the internship experience. This is also a great time to co-create expectations for the internship experience that both parties can buy into!

What happens at the end of the four weeks?

During the last week, LEARN recommends setting aside time with the interns to provide feedback on their performance and discuss the next steps. After the one-month internship, it is up to the company and student to determine how their professional relationship will continue in the future.

I'm interested, how do I get started?

If you’re interested in getting started with our Internship Program for one of our upcoming cohorts, please schedule an informational chat with a member of our team. We’ll discuss the program in detail during this call, see if your company is a good fit, and go over the next steps.