Students learning full stack web development inside a virtual classroom

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Our curriculum teaches you not only the tech tools for industry success but the conviction in these new skills and a growth mindset to carry students through their careers – no matter their background or resume.
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Trust The Process

With our 4-Month Intensive Bootcamp, you will spend three months inside our virtual classroom, learning and collaborating with your instructors and classmates, learning how to build full-stack web applications from the ground up.

Live Remote

This isn't your typical online coding bootcamp. Our live-remote format allows you to collaborate and interact with your classmates and instructors inside our virtual classrooms, even though you may be miles apart.

LEARN by doing

Every coder will get an error message one day – it’s how you approach the solution that matters. We encourage a passion for problem-solving above all else.

Yours for life

The customized curriculum will be available to you for life. Allowing you to reference it whenever you need a refresh.

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New To Coding? We’ve got you covered.

To join our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp, we require our students have a strong understanding of coding fundamentals. If you’re new to coding, our Jumpstart Weekend Coding Bootcamp is the best place to learn the basics so that you can start our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp fully prepared.



Unit One: JavaScript Foundations

JavaScript Foundations is an introduction to coding through the Javascript programming language. Here we will cover foundational concepts and data structures that will help us start thinking like a developer.
JavaScript Introduction
JavaScript Conditionals
JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript Loops
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Functions, Loops, and Arrays
JavaScript Higher-Order Functions
JavaScript Testing with Jest
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Classes
JavaScript Class Inheritance

Unit Two: REACT

Building upon our new JavaScript skills, we now introduce React. A powerful Javascript library used to build more complicated user interfaces.
React Intro
React Nested Components
Creating a New React Application
React State
React State with Images
React State with Images

Unit Three: Intermediate React

With a strong understanding of the foundations in React, it’s time to take our skills to the next level. We introduce some higher-level concepts and build several full-day projects, bringing all these skills together.
React Props
Challenge: Pig Latin
React Functional Props
Challenge: Tic Tac Toe
React Inputs and Events
React Forms and Functional Props

Unit Four: Ruby

Ruby is a backend, object-oriented programming language. Here we will cover the fundamentals of the Ruby language and revisit the fundamental concepts shared by many programming languages.
Ruby Introduction
Ruby Conditionals
Ruby Methods
Ruby Blocks and Iterables
Ruby Hashes
Ruby Classes and Objects
Ruby Inheritance
Ruby Testing with RSpec
Challenge: Text Based Story Game

Unit Five: Intro to Postgres and Ruby on Rails Models

Rails is a full-stack framework built into the Ruby programming language. Here we will focus on the model layer of the MVC architecture pattern through a deep-dive into Active Record and persistence storage with Postgres.
Introduction to Databases
PostgreSQL Queries
Ruby on Rails Introduction
Active Record Introduction
Active Record Migrations
Active Record Associations
Active Record Validations and Models Specs

Unit Six: Ruby on Rails

In this section, we explore all the Ruby on Rails MVC architecture has to offer. We build our first full-stack application as well as look at how to create
a backend-only Rails application.
Rails Routes, Controllers, and Views
Rails Parameters
Rails RESTful Routes and CRUD Actions
Full-stack Rails
Rails Strong Parameters
Rails Generate Resource
Challenge: Wildlife Tracker

Unit Seven: Professional Development Week

Professional Development Week is an entire week dedicated to preparation for internship and the upcoming career transition. Here we leverage LEARN’s Career Services Manager to curate tech resumes, share each student’s portfolio, improve online professional presence, develop networking techniques for every personality, practice technical interview skills, and learn about salary negotiations.
Tech Resume
Cover Letters
Online Tech Presence
Salary Negotiations
Elevator Pitch
Tech Recruiter Panel

Unit Eight: Cat Tinder! Combining React and Rails

Here we explore our first decoupled, full-stack application. The application will utilize a React frontend and a Ruby on Rails backend, leveraging all the concepts we’ve covered so far.
Consuming External APIs with Fetch
Challenge: Cat Tinder
React Routing and Wireframes
React Testing with Jest and Enzyme
React Read, Create, and Update Functionality
Rails API Introduction
Rails API Seeds
Rails API Endpoints
Rails API Validations
Connecting React and Rails: Fetch Functionality

Unit Nine: React in Rails and Authentication

There are many ways to create a full-stack application. In this section, we use Ruby on Rails to host React components in a monolithic application. We also introduce Devise, a Ruby gem that gives us the ability to create a user login.
React IN Rails Introduction
React Routing IN Rails
Authorization and Authentication
Challenge: Apartment App
Devise Introduction
Devise with React

Unit Ten: Capstone Project

The capstone project is the peak experience at LEARN academy. Students work in small groups to create a full-stack web application. Acting as a development team, the students use agile and scrum project management techniques to plan, wireframe, code, and deploy an application.
Application Ideation and Branding
Team Communication and Project Management
Full-stack React in Rails Application
External API
Authentication and Authorization
Deployed to Heroku