Programming bootcamp students learning how to code inside their online coding bootcamp.

16-week Online Coding Bootcamp

Not for everyone, but just right for many.

A beacon for the brave, embark on a path for those ready to make a rapid, game-changing shift into the tech world. You’re joining a community full of those who’ve walked in your shoes and landed where you aspire to be.

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16-Week Career Change Coding Bootcamp

At the intersection of skill development and career readiness, our program is for those ready to leap into tech. It’s the roadmap, the mentorship, and the momentum you need to make a lasting impact, not just for a job but for a lifetime.

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A compass for tech newcomers to navigate the “is-this-for-me?” feeling. A supportive environment to boost your confidence and set you up for the next phase of your journey.

30 days of pre-cohort support

Jumpstart – 20 hours of immersive training
1-on-1 Beginner Skills Training
Dedicated Career Mentor
Access to Fundamentals Curriculum


Laying your career’s first brick and building upon your skills daily, you’ll start to perceive the bigger picture and understand the ‘why’ behind every line of code you write.

240 hours of curriculum

10 dedicated projects
1-on-1 meetings
Individualized Feedback
Code challenges
Tech Talk training
Pair Programming
Whiteboard Training
Mock Interviews
Lifetime access to curriculum
JavaScript Foundations
Introduction to React
Intermediate React
PostgreSQL & ROR Models
Active Record
MVC Architecture


Where the artistry of front-end and the science of back-end unite, you’re now at the helm of the imagination, creation, and deployment of full-stack applications.

200 hours of curriculum

2 dedicated projects
1-on-1 meetings
Individualized Feedback
Code challenges
Capstone project
Project Management
Pair Programming within a team
Agile Development
Product Management
Lifetime access to curriculum
Ruby on Rails
Combining React and Rails
Rails APIs
User Authentication


Transition from classroom theories to hands-on skills. Dive into real-world projects, experiencing a developer’s rhythm and team collaboration, mirroring the tech industry’s dynamics.

160-hour live-remote experience

1 dedicated project
1-on-1 weekly meetings
Real-world experience
Experiential learning
Project Management
Agile Development
Contributing to Open Source
Code Reviews

Career Readiness

Alongside the course, you’ll adapt classroom skills to job market wins. By graduation, you’re not just prepared — you’re set for a smooth and effective job search.

16 weeks of curriculum

40 hours of hands-on training
180 days of dedicated Career Coach
Customized Job Search Plan
Industry Guest Speakers
Alumni & Recruiter Panels
Portfolio/project integration
Linkedin training
Identifying Transferable Skills
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Salary Negotiation Coaching
Resume/Cover Letter training
Career Path Guidance


Enter into a tribe of trailblazers, a community that transcends a network. As you embark on your new career, you’re never alone. You’re part of a family with you at every step.

Lifetime access

Access to LEARN community
Office Hours/Study Groups
LEARN Slack Community
LEARN Discord Community
Access to Hiring Partners

Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Job Ready in 16 Weeks

LEARN Academy Course Syllabus
Whether you're an absolute beginner or aiming to level up, we've tailored every module to catapult you to tech success.

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Live-Remote: It's Different Here.

This isn’t your typical online course; from 9 am to 5 pm PT, Monday through Friday, you’ll be driven by passion, collaboration, and purpose for four intense months. Here, it’s not just what we do but why.

Career Change? Chat With Our Mentors

Meet Your Career Dream Team

We’re a collective of career changers, each with our own story, united by a shared mission: to guide and support you through every twist and turn. Together, we’ll make your next chapter a success story.

See What's Possible

Your next chapter, simplified and supported.

Recognizing the support needed for a career change, we provide resources, guidance, and a commitment to lighten the load. We ensure that launching a new career is the easiest decision for you, your family, and your future.

Switching Career Lanes? Let’s Chat

New to coding? No problem.

Whether you’re just starting or have some experience under your belt, Jumpstart offers a weekend glimpse into your developer journey. Feel the pulse of the virtual classroom, connect with your instructors, and envision the transformative voyage ahead.

Unlock Your Potential With Us

Even after finishing LEARN Academy's web development boot camp, the owners, instructors and staff welcome us alumni back with open arms. They have an open door policy when it comes to using the space and resources to work on freelance or personal projects as well as career services to help with resumé writing, employment searches and interview prep. This is a place run by people who truly care about your success!

Full-Stack Developer at Notch8

Being at LEARN Academy not only kept me motivated to cram months and months of full stack development knowledge within a short period of time, but the staff and leadership shared past experiences and lessons learned as a developer, offered mentorship, and provided access to the invaluable network within San Diego. I cannot thank LEARN Academy enough to allow me to switch from being a healthcare management consultant to a data engineer within a few months, which ultimately allowed me to achieve my goal of being within the software industry and actually making a difference. While I am done with…read more

Data Engineer at

I came to LEARN to disrupt my mid-career boredom. There were a few bootcamp-style options, but I was drawn to LEARN for several reasons: the unique internship aspect of the program; a commitment to diversity I saw in their staff, alumni, and community involvement; their place at the center of an active tech community; and the fact that, because they are local, they would be in touch with the needs of San Diego employers. I'm over 40 and approach all new situations with skepticism. I started LEARN waiting to find out that it was all a sham, that I'd been…read more

Client Liason at Notch8

Full Time Bootcamps

2023 Golf

2023 Golf

Oct 02, 2023 - Feb 09, 2024
Applications Open
Live Remote
2023 Hotel

2023 Hotel

Oct 09, 2023 - Feb 16, 2024
Applications Open
Live Remote
2023 India

2023 India

Nov 11, 2023 - Mar 15, 2024
Applications Open
Live Remote


Our coding bootcamp welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, and no prior coding experience is necessary. We offer a web developer bootcamp prep course (Jumpstart) and additional resources to help you get started and ensure you’re ready for day one.
Our online coding bootcamp costs $18,500, with $500 for the deposit due once accepted into a cohort. We offer financing options and scholarships to help you fund your education. We are also VET TEC-approved.
Unfortunately, no. Currently, we only offer support for individuals living in the United States.
The bootcamp lasts 16 weeks. Students must commit to 40 hours weekly, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PT.
We only offer a full-time program to ensure an immersive and comprehensive learning experience for our students.
Classes are conducted live and remotely in a virtual classroom, allowing real-time interaction with instructors and classmates. You can join from anywhere in the United States.
Our full-stack curriculum covers essential programming technologies such as JavaScript, React, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails.
We provide comprehensive career support throughout the entire 16 weeks of the program and beyond graduation, including resume reviews, interview coaching, job search strategy, and ongoing career services for life to help you land your first software developer job and advance your career.
Bootcamp students will work on individual, group projects and a capstone project throughout the course to apply their newly acquired skills and build their portfolio.
The application process consists of an online application, an interview, and a review by our enrollment committee. This ensures the program fits the student and the bootcamp providers well.
Students can access course materials through our GitHub; lectures are recorded daily. Additionally, resources remain available to alums even after completing the online coding bootcamp, allowing for continued learning and reference.