What’s the Best Coding Language to Learn First?

STEM skills are in huge demand in 2018. Between 2007 and 2012, online postings for software jobs grew 31% across the US! Even better, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects continued growth at 22% from 2012-2022. It’s no exaggeration to say that attending a learn to code boot camp organized by Learn Academy may be the top career choice you could possibly make. But before you start picking a coding bootcamp where you can learn coding from scratch, there’s a more pressing question to answer. Namely, what’s the best coding language to learn first?

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of different languages. Having this knowledge can help you get ready for a programming bootcamp that will change your life.

Dynamic vs statically typed languages

Statically typed languages are known to be stable, maintainable, and scalable, but are also much more strict when it comes to catching errors using type checking. They also require more code to create a prototype. Mobile apps, back ends for enterprises, and game engines are usually made using these languages.

Dynamic languages, on the other hand, are easier for beginners to learn because they’re fun and flexible. You can create an app using fewer lines of code, and there are no hard rules on how to make things behave the way you want them to.

Since dynamic languages are very high level languages, you can spend more time learning programming concepts as opposed to getting the details right. This easily makes a dynamic language like JavaScript or Ruby on Rails the best coding language to learn first.


JavaScript is an incredibly popular and versatile coding language. It’s a client-side scripting language used for front-end development. It’s compatible with all web browsers and is used to create interactive web apps. Furthermore, if utilized through the Node.js platform, JavaScript can also be used as a server-side language. When using frameworks such as phonegap, JavaScript can even be used for hybrid mobile app building. Although it is a dynamic language, there are also statically typed versions of it.

Ruby on Rails

Not only is Ruby designed to make programming fun and to be the easiest and best coding language to learn first, it also boasted the highest average developer salary in 2017. It uses a full stack, highly optimized web framework called Ruby on Rails framework, and is mostly used for back-end development. Extremely popular websites like Shopify, Hulu, Slideshare, Airbnb, and Bloomberg were all created with Ruby.

Still not sure what the best coding language to learn first is?

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