Krithika Jagadeesan

It was a great experience, learned a lot about coding! But more importantly learned how to be a better programmer, to learn more programming languages in the future.

Randy S Tseng

Doing a career switch is no easy feat but LEARN made it such a smooth process.  I was able to find an amazing job as a software developer right after my internship and although it’s more of an atypical outcome, the fact that such a possibility exists shows just how legitimate the LEARN program is. I absolutely do not regret my decision at all!

Dante Moore

Learn Academy is a fast-paced program for getting practical experience with many different relevant technologies in a short amount of time. The immersive portion happens quickly,  students are exposed to Git, data structures, and we were pair programming daily through the day’s projects. The curriculum is structured for layering in new technologies, and before you know it, you’re familiar with relational databases and doing a deep dive into the inner workings of Rails.

The instructors are fantastic. The student to teacher ratio is very favorable for student-teacher interactions, and they were consistently pivotal in getting me on track with the material on pace to get through the assessments. There is a lot of information, so be 100% prepared to have no life while you’re working through the curriculum. I thought 100 hours a week would be an exaggeration, but I was consistently logging 95-100 hours each week studying the material straight through the weekend.

The past four months have been a grueling yet highly rewarding experience. You get out of it what you put into it, and you have to put a lot into it if you want to get through the totality of the curriculum, but at the end, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to land your first position as a developer.

Carrie Johnson

Learn was a great experience and really taught me the fundamentals. I was able to take what I learned and land the career of my dreams. LEARN truly is a community that empowers its students to be great.

Natalie Reinicke

I definitely think and believe that if I did not attend LEARN I most likely would not have ended up at my current company. It was such a perfect fit career, goals, culture, and even location wise. I give many thanks to the staff for really knowing how to pair the students off with intern companies.

The curriculum was definitely, at times, rigorous, but it’s mainly because of how little time you have to really learn everything. It’s a big commitment, but it 100% is worth it IF you are willing to put in the time and effort. You get back what you put in.

The instructors were helpful and most of the times available to be called on to come over and overlook things. They don’t just tell you the answer and leave they ask you questions to try to help you realize and come to the answer yourself which helps set you up to become better at solving the issues on your own.

I really enjoyed the time I spent here and have come out of it with a full time job in a competitive yet rewarding industry and also have made friends I will keep forever. If you’re thinking this is the career change for you I’d say go for it and push your boundaries.

Michael (Hyosun) Ko

I was always fashioned about coding, but I didn’t have any opportunity to jump on. I tried to become a developer on my own, but I couldn’t complete learning coding by myself. So I was looking for coding Bootcamp to elevate my coding skills, and I found Learn Academy which provides invaluable internship experience. I have learned a coding skill during the Bootcamp but also picked up the ability to learn new skills. Now, I am a jr. software engineer at the beginning of a long and productive career. Changing career was a big and scary step and it wasn’t easy, but LEARN academy empowered me to make this change, and support me to find a new opportunity.

Kristen McCloud

LEARN did require quite a bit of self-study outside of the classroom, but they gave a good foundation for learning to code. The guaranteed 1-month internship was invaluable, as it gave me great real-world experience that led to a full time position immediately after. Although I transitioned into design, I still use the fundamentals of code I learned at LEARN to communicate with developers every day. It’s a huge reason why I was able to successfully break into tech.

Young Hsu

LEARN was a great opportunity for me to make a career pivot at a crucial time in my life. Really thankful for the instructors who taught a good curriculum as well as fostered a supportive community. The internship program that LEARN offers was instrumental in helping me get my foot in the door!

Daniel Lim

LEARN distinguishes itself from other coding bootcamps by fostering a real community, where almuni continue to contribute long after graduation. Either by coming to events it hosts, or by convincing their companies to host interns.

The internship program was the original reason why I chose LEARN, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s one thing to learn stuff in class, but having placement to be able to immediately translate your skills into working on a real product is invaluable, as is being able to get your foot in the door. The career services also did a great job keeping in contact post-graduation, helping with placement and giving a ton of helpful advice in the job hunt.

Jess Guttenberg

My time at LEARN Academy was one of the best experiences of my life honestly. I came into it expecting to be good. But it ended up being great! I knew it would be challenging, which it was. I knew it would be hard at times, and it was. And I knew it would be a lot to take in, in such a small amount of time, and it was.

LEARN Academy and their instructors teach the content in way that makes it stick in your head. It is fast paced but as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and proper effort, you will pick it up very quickly.

Additionally, LEARN has you develop applications to practice the content which really brings everything together. Working with other students in the cohort is one of the best ways to learn because you’re all learning the same content, at the same time.

One of the best things about LEARN is their career services. You are taken on a startup crawl in downtown San Diego so that you really get to see what tech companies are really like. After that, they help you practice technical interviews, real interviews, and prep you for your internship at the end of the cohort.

Overall, LEARN Academy is the perfect bootcamp if you’re looking to become a software developer. I came into it having went to another bootcamp a few years back and there really was no comparison. LEARN is a hundred times better than the bootcamp I went to before. I recommend LEARN Academy to anyone interested in getting into the industry!

Eric Uyemura

LEARN provides you with all the tools that you will need to launch your career in web or software development!  That isn’t to say that you can just glide through the program, you will have to work hard to capitalize on these resources.  After my program I felt like I had everything I needed in order to start a job or independently continue my education.   In my opinion it teaches you how to go about learning, which will be an ever present aspect of your career.  Most importantly, the LEARN family will always be there to lend a helping hand.

Jezreel Go

LEARN provided me a path to level up from passionate hobbyist to developer. More than that, my time at LEARN was empowering and gave me confidence in my ability to succeed as a software developer.