Nico D’Amico-Barbour

I went to LEARN academy in January of 2018 to study full-stack web development. I did almost all the prep-work, and by week 8 of the program I was putting in at least 15 hours a week outside of class. Nearly every week there was an evening event to attend to learn more about development. Sometime around week 7 some classmates and I attended and placed in a 12 hour Saturday hackathon. By week 11 I had an opportunity for a part-time remote job doing front-end web development but decided to turn it down to focus on my internship at Kitu Systems, provided by LEARN. I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time salaried position as a Junior Software Engineer in week four of my internship. If you’re considering attending LEARN know that it has the potential to totally change your life, just like it changed mine, but only if you are ready to give it 100% of everything you have to give.