learn academy students working on coding projects

Student Work

At LEARN, we are constantly adding new programs that help our students succeed — and we love to showcase our students’ work. Here are some of our current and former student projects.


Our in-class student projects bring together all aspects of your LEARN experience inside the classroom. Designed to challenge your thinking and help you solve problems that you’d encounter as a developer IRL, each project becomes more and more challenging as it reflects your current curriculum. During the final stretch, students work as a team to plan, wireframe, code, and deploy a full-stack application.

Tic Tac Toe

The first student project during the course, this uses a React-based application and allows students to add their own personal touches with CSS designs and styles. Assigned during Week 3, this project explores how to create React components and pass data through a React app.

Text Based Game

For Week 4, the Text-Based Game is a team-based project with the goal of building something that allows for creativity and storytelling. Designed to test creativity and push new Ruby skills to the limit, students learn how to incorporate a computer’s Terminal to access an interactive story stored locally on their computer and are encouraged to freely explore code in an artistic and creative way.

Wildlife Tracker

During Week 6 of the course, the Wildlife Tracker project takes advantage of the students’ immersion in the Ruby on Rails Framework. A purely back-end project, the Tracker is a searchable database for animals made by focusing on the RESTful API and helping you understand how back-end frameworks and databases function.

Cat Tinder

Assigned during Week 8, Cat-Tinder is a full-stack application for feline soulmates. Cat Tinder’s goal was to create a front-end REACT and JavaScript App, and a separate back-end Rails App — and then connect the two to develop one final product. The students leverage a Reactstrap library to create a modern and interactive front-end User Interface.


The Capstone Project is the peak of your experience at LEARN academy. Working in a small group as a development team, the goal is to create a full-stack web application. Students use agile/scrum project management techniques to plan, wireframe, code, and deploy their application. Students also receive critical mentorship from Senior Software Developers to help them craft their Capstone Project with modern web application standards.