Veterans Tech Transition Scholarship

At LEARN academy, we are dedicated to empowering veterans seeking a career change in the tech industry by offering the Veterans Tech Transition Scholarship. This needs-based scholarship supports veterans facing career transition challenges, exploring new opportunities, and those who may have been recently unemployed or laid off. We recognize the unique obstacles veterans face and want to help you take the first steps toward your new future in technology.

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Championing Veterans in Tech

As a school built with a focus on career transitioners, we are committed to providing opportunities for veterans eager to embark on a new journey in the tech industry. The Veterans Tech Transition Scholarship offers financial assistance based on individual needs and available funds, making our programs accessible to a broader range of students.

Who Should Apply for the Scholarship?

The Veterans Tech Transition Scholarship is open to all U.S. veterans seeking a career change into tech. Our school, staff, and students include many career transitioners, so we understand the unique challenges and needs of veterans looking to make a change.
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How Does the Scholarship Work?

The Veterans Tech Transition Scholarship supports veterans as they embark on a new path in the tech industry. The scholarship can be applied to LEARN Academy's 4-month Online Coding Bootcamp, where you will gain essential coding skills and knowledge in a collaborative virtual classroom environment.

During the program, you will spend three months learning with experienced instructors and one month participating in a guaranteed coding internship for hands-on experience and mentorship. Upon graduation, our in-house Career Services Manager will assist you in your job search journey, providing personalized guidance and support.

What are the next steps?

Use the form above to request more information about the Veterans In Tech Coding Scholarship. A LEARN academy Enrollment Team member will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps.
Apply to our upcoming Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp through the LEARN academy website.
Complete Jumpstart.
All interested individuals need to be accepted into the upcoming class AND have proof of military status.
Individuals who are awarded the scholarship will be notified before class begins.

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LEARN Academy Course Syllabus

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When I applied to Learn, I was struggling, as an older woman, to find a job. At Learn, I found not only technical instruction but also general professional guidance for entering industry. In particular, the internship (and I could say a lot of things about how hard they work at getting you an internship with the right fit) gets you into the workplace and builds confidence (and a goodly number of those internships turn into jobs, as happened to me). The level of commitment to students is exceptionally high, the instructor to student ratio is outstanding and the curriculum both…read more

Associate Software Engineer at HouseCall Pro

What mattered to me the most were the people. I found out about LEARN from attending an SD Ruby Meetup. One of the people, Rob Kaufman (co-founder of LEARN) was giving a talk that broke things down in a way that made it easy for me understand how parts of Rails functioned. That was huge because at that time, I did not have a clear idea of what Rails was. I think it also says a lot about how LEARN is so heavily involved in the San Diego Tech scene. The lead instructor of my cohort was influential with his…read more

Software Developer at LoanHero

The community at Learn! is extremely supportive and helpful throughout the bootcamp as well as you enter the job force. It is an amazing environment!

Self-Employed Full Stack Developer


Any U.S. veteran seeking a career change into tech can apply for the scholarship.
No, previous tech experience is not required. We welcome applicants committed to personal growth and strong academics, regardless of their background.
No. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot support international students. We can only provide career change assistance to individuals living in the United States.
Our in-house Career Services team will guide resume building, and interview preparation, providing you with the essential career change assistance you need to make a successful career change into tech.
The application deadline varies for each cohort. To receive career change assistance, please apply to an upcoming cohort on the LEARN academy website or contact the Enrollment Team for specific deadlines.
The number of scholarships awarded may vary depending on the availability of funds and the number of qualified applicants. If you want career change assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the LEARN academy Enrollment Team for more details.
This depends on how much career change assistance you are receiving, and the specific financial aid you are receiving. Please consult with the LEARN academy Enrollment Team to discuss your situation.
The scholarship funds for your career change will be applied directly toward your tuition for the 4-month Coding Bootcamp.
Scholarship recipients will be selected based on their application materials, including their demonstrated commitment to personal growth, strong academics, and career change assistance need.
Scholarship deferrals are considered on a case-by-case basis. Don’t hesitate to contact the LEARN academy Enrollment Team to discuss your situation.