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Breaking Barriers: Diversity Coding Scholarship

We’re committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. That’s why we’re offering up to $2,000 in Diversity Coding Scholarships to help individuals from underserved communities access a rewarding coding career path.

Break Barriers Diversity Coding Scholarship

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Making Tech Accessible and Inclusive for All

At LEARN Academy, we're dedicated to empowering individuals from underserved communities by offering accessible coding education and nurturing growth throughout their career journey. In addition, we strive to create a more diverse and equitable landscape within the tech industry by breaking down barriers. We encourage individuals who identify with an underserved community to apply for our $2,000 Diversity Coding Scholarship, designed to support their enrollment in our 4-month Intensive Program.

Who Should Apply for the Scholarship?

The Diversity Coding Scholarship aims to create a lasting impact on the lives of individuals from underserved communities and minority groups. So if you have a passion for learning and problem-solving but lack coding experience, don't worry - we're here to help you succeed. You can develop the skills needed to excel in a coding career with determination, curiosity, and expert guidance. Our virtual program allows you to learn from anywhere, making it more accessible.

How Does This Coding Scholarship Work?

The Diversity Coding Scholarship aims to foster an inclusive and accessible environment for underrepresented communities pursuing careers in technology. Throughout the 4-month Intensive Bootcamp, students will develop essential coding skills and knowledge, preparing them for a successful career in the tech industry.

Upon completing the program, students will participate in the Guaranteed Internship Program, where they will gain hands-on experience and invaluable mentorship. This real-world exposure deepens their understanding of coding concepts and facilitates the development of professional connections within the industry.

After the internship, graduates work with the Career Services team, who will offer tailored guidance and support in their job search. This includes assistance with resume building, interview preparation, and job placement strategies, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to secure rewarding positions in the tech sector. By combining financial support, comprehensive education, practical experience, and dedicated career support, the Diversity Coding Scholarship is crucial in promoting success and growth for individuals from diverse backgrounds in the technology field.

What are the next steps?

Use the form above to request more information about the $3,000 Diversity Coding Scholarship. A LEARN academy Enrollment Team member will reach out to you shortly to discuss the next steps.
Apply to our upcoming Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp through the LEARN academy website.
Apply to the coding scholarship.
All interested individuals need to be accepted into the upcoming class AND submit their coding scholarship applications.
Individuals who are awarded the scholarship will be notified before class begins.

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I was always fashioned about coding, but I didn't have any opportunity to jump on. I tried to become a developer on my own, but I couldn't complete learning coding by myself. So I was looking for coding Bootcamp to elevate my coding skills, and I found Learn Academy which provides invaluable internship experience. I have learned a coding skill during the Bootcamp but also picked up the ability to learn new skills. Now, I am a jr. software engineer at the beginning of a long and productive career. Changing career was a big and scary step and it wasn't…read more

Jr Software Engineer at ZEAL

The community at Learn! is extremely supportive and helpful throughout the bootcamp as well as you enter the job force. It is an amazing environment!

Self-Employed Full Stack Developer

I definitely think and believe that if I did not attend LEARN I most likely would not have ended up at my current company. It was such a perfect fit career, goals, culture, and even location wise. I give many thanks to the staff for really knowing how to pair the students off with intern companies. The curriculum was definitely, at times, rigorous, but it's mainly because of how little time you have to really learn everything. It's a big commitment, but it 100% is worth it IF you are willing to put in the time and effort. You get…read more

QA Engineer at Valtech


Any individual who identifies with an underserved community can apply for the scholarship.
No, previous coding experience is not required. We welcome all applicants with a passion for learning and problem-solving, regardless of their coding background.
The application deadline varies for each cohort. Please refer to contact the Enrollment Team for specific deadlines.
The number of scholarships awarded may vary depending on the availability of funds and the number of qualified applicants. 
No. We are currently unable to provide support to international students at this time.
No. Combining scholarship opportunities is not allowed. However, it’s possible to use scholarships with financial aid, provided that the type of financial aid you receive allows it. Speak with the LEARN academy Enrollment Team to determine your available options.
The scholarship funds will be applied directly toward your tuition for the 4-month Intensive Program.
Scholarship recipients will be selected based on their application materials, including their demonstrated passion for learning, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to promoting diversity in the tech industry.
Scholarship deferrals are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the LEARN academy Enrollment Team to discuss your situation.
Our in-house Career Services team will guide resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies to help you successfully transition into a coding career.