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Learn the basics in our 3-Day Jumpstart Beginner Coding Bootcamp — and leave with your own fully coded website. This weekend curriculum is designed for those with little to no coding experience, and you’ll leave with the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript under your belt.

3 Days

Coding Basics

We cover the fundamental aspects of website building – from how it works to creating your first page. By the end, you’ll walk away with your own webpage, coded from the ground up.


Pair Programming

Jumpstart is designed so that you aren’t coding alone — even when learning remotely. Each class is taught by expert instructors in an engaging, immersive educational environment.

Life LEARNer


Jumpstart is the perfect opportunity to test the waters and decide 4-month Intensive Bootcamp is right for you.

LEARN more about JavaScript

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Launch Your Coding Journey in Just One Weekend

Start your tech journey with Jumpstart – our comprehensive weekend-long coding bootcamp prep course. Our instructors will guide you through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, empowering you to create your website from scratch. Whether you’re looking to pivot into tech or add coding to your skill set, our live-remote program allows you to participate from anywhere in the US with just a computer.

An accessible approach to start your coding journey

Everyone has the potential to become a great developer. That’s why we’ve designed Jumpstart to be accessible, informative, and fun. Our instructors will guide you every step of the way, providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to start your coding journey.

Discover your potential in web development

Our intensive weekend-long coding bootcamp prep course covers the following key topics:

  • HTML: The backbone of every website, you’ll learn how to structure your content and create the foundation of your webpage.
  • CSS: Add flair to your website by mastering fonts, colors, and layouts. You’ll be able to bring your webpage to life and create an engaging user experience.
  • JavaScript: Take your webpage to the next level with JavaScript, the programming language that adds interactivity and dynamism to websites. Learn how to make your webpage indeed come alive.
  • Git/Github: Discover how to use Git and Github, and learn how to collaborate with other developers and manage version control for your code.
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Set yourself up for success

Jumpstart is a vital part of our coding bootcamp application process. Our weekend-long program focuses on providing you with the foundational skills needed to succeed in our full-time coding bootcamp. By completing Jumpstart, you’ll have the chance to meet our experienced instructors and staff, ask questions, and determine if our program is right for you. We’re committed to your success in the tech industry, and Jumpstart is the perfect starting point to reach your goals.

The community at Learn! is extremely supportive and helpful throughout the bootcamp as well as you enter the job force. It is an amazing environment!

Self-Employed Full Stack Developer

I attended LEARN academy from July 2016 to November 2016. I looked into the various bootcamps here in San Diego and the internship that is part of the curriculum set LEARN apart from other bootcamps. I can't say enough about how awesome my experience was. It was very challenging, but at the same time it was manageable.

Web Developer at Notch8

Learn was a great experience and really taught me the fundamentals. I was able to take what I learned and land the career of my dreams. LEARN truly is a community that empowers its students to be great.

Project Manager at Valtech San Diego

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Sept 2023

Sept 2023

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Jumpstart is designed for beginners with little to no coding experience who are interested in making a career transition into tech and want a solid foundation before diving into an immersive web development bootcamp. 
Jumpstart is a weekend-long beginner coding bootcamp. The whole program is 20 hours long. It kicks off with a 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST session on Friday and continues with full-day sessions from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST on Saturday and Sunday.
Jumpstart will immerse you in the world of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the essential building blocks of web development. You’ll also get acquainted with Git and GitHub, crucial skills of version control and deployment.
Yes, Jumpstart is an integral step in our enrollment process. It ensures that you grasp the live-remote classroom dynamics, get familiar with your instructors, learn how lesson materials are distributed, and ultimately, understand the virtual classroom’s learning process. This way, you enter the 4-month Intensive Bootcamp fully prepared.
Jumpstart is an engaging live-remote experience, enabling you to participate from anywhere in the US, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. You’ll learn and collaborate with your instructors and peers in real-time, creating a dynamic learning environment.
Jumpstart costs $249 for the entire weekend. For those who enroll in our 4-Month Coding Bootcamp, the cost of Jumpstart will be reduced from your tuition.  To learn more, apply to an upcoming cohort.
The cost of Jumpstart is $249. Since Jumpstart is a required part of the Admissions Process towards our 4-Month Intensive bootcamp, the cost of Jumpstart is waived for individuals who have completed their interview. You can find more information by applying to an upcoming cohort and conducting your interview.
Jumpstart is a comprehensive curriculum with lectures, coding sessions, and breaks designed for coding beginners. Throughout the weekend, you’ll work closely with experienced instructors who will guide you every step of the way.
Throughout the beginner coding bootcamp, you’ll tackle a range of coding exercises and mini-projects that focus on web development fundamentals and the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of the program, you’ll be equipped with the skills to craft a fully-coded website from the ground up.