Vet Tec students learning to code from a LEARN academy instructor

Get Career Ready in 4-Months

LEARN academy is a VET TEC-approved online coding bootcamp, specializing in helping individuals launch a successful career transition into tech. First, you’ll spend three months in our virtual classroom learning full-stack web development. Followed by a guaranteed coding internship applying your new skills to real-world scenarios. Then, in four months, you’ll learn front-end and back-end web development and the professional skills to take your career to the next level.

3 Months

Full Stack Web Development

For the first three months of the program you’ll learn how to build full-stack applications from the ground up.

1 Month

Remote Coding Internship

You will participate in a month-long remote coding internship during month four—we work with companies across the U.S.

Life LEARNer

Personalized Job Search

Our Career Services team works with you during the program and after graduation to kickstart your career change. In addition, we’ll help you build a job search framework for your career goals and interests.

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LEARN more about our VET TEC Approved Program

LEARN Academy Course Syllabus
Curious about how our VET TEC coding bootcamp works? Download our course syllabus to learn more about the structure of our program and the programming languages we teach.
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VET TEC student pair programming with another coding bootcamp classmate

Immersive Classroom Experience

Our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp isn’t your typical online course – we’re your partners in a new career change. You’ll spend Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST, meeting and collaborating with your instructors and classmates inside our virtual classroom for four months.

VET TEC student with laptop working with other students inside a virtual classroom

Career Services For Life

Your coding journey doesn’t end once you graduate; we’re just getting started. Our Career Services team provides a custom career search plan and extensive support to launch your new career into tech. Additionally, our support doesn’t end there. We’re here when your resume needs a refresher, or you need some advice, or when you’re ready to take your career to the next level.

VET TEC student collaborating with other coding bootcamp students inside a virtual classroom

Worried about coding experience? We've got you covered.

Jumpstart is our weekend-long prep course that teaches you all the skills needed to start our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp. You will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and you’ll also see exactly how our virtual classroom operates.


Enrollment Process

We’ve helped many individuals through the VET TEC program. Our application and interview process ensures that our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp is the right fit and aligns with your career objectives.


This will take about 10-15 min of your time, make sure to answer the questions completely. Our application is designed to learn more about why you’re looking for a career change.


The interview will be a Zoom Meeting and will allow us to get to know each other a little bit and ensure this is the right learning environment and path for you.


Once your Interview is completed, our Enrollment Committee will review your Application and Interview. This process usually takes 1-2 days.


You will be notified once the Enrollment Committee has decided whether you will be accepted into one of our upcoming cohorts.


Once you have been accepted into an upcoming cohort, you will begin the Onboarding process. During this time, we will need to collect some documents, secure your tuition funding, meet your instructors, and start the pre-work materials.


Jumpstart, workshops, and tutorials, students get exclusive access to all of these resources to be fully prepared for day one.

A year ago, I was a wedding planner. Today, I am a software engineer at a Fortune 500 company. People laugh when I tell them that…like they think it must be a joke. Let’s be real: it does sound like a joke. But it’s 100% true, and that is in large part due to my experience at LEARN. Go to LEARN. Gain an education. Leave with a family.

Web Developer at HP

My time at LEARN Academy was one of the best experiences of my life honestly. I came into it expecting to be good. But it ended up being great! I knew it would be challenging, which it was. I knew it would be hard at times, and it was. And I knew it would be a lot to take in, in such a small amount of time, and it was. LEARN Academy and their instructors teach the content in way that makes it stick in your head. It is fast paced but as long as you are willing to put…read more

Junior Engineer at Q-Centrix

Attending LEARN Academy was one of the best, most satisfying decisions I've ever made for the growth of my career. I spent a few months researching the coding bootcamp I wanted to attend. I remember scouring the internet for reviews on every possible bootcamp. Some seemed too focused on just shoving people through the curriculum or not being worth the money in one way or another. Online bootcamps seemed way too shady and disconnected from the student when this is something where a student NEEDS a mentor to help them get unstuck. Learning on your own can be done, but…read more

Lead Web Developer at ViziSites

Full Time Bootcamps

Charlie Cohort

2023 Charlie

Apr 17, 2023 - Aug 11, 2023
Applications Open
Live Remote
2023 Delta

2023 Delta

May 08, 2023 - Sep 01, 2023
Applications Open
Live Remote
2023 Echo

2023 Echo

Jun 05, 2023 - Sep 29, 2023
Applications Open
Live Remote


Can I use VET TEC benefits at LEARN academy?

Yes. LEARN academy’s 4-Month Intensive Bootcamp is a VET TEC approved coding bootcamp. We’ve worked with many individuals through the VET TEC program and have helped them launch successful careers in tech.

How do I apply for VET TEC benefits with the VA?

To begin the application process at LEARN academy, you will need to have your Certificate of Eligibility, which means you have been approved to use VET TEC benefits. If you have not applied to the VET TEC program with the VA, you can apply for the program here.

How do I apply to LEARN academy to use my VET TEC benefits?

When you are ready to apply to our program, please complete your application. Next, you will schedule your Interview with our Enrollment team. Then, finally, we’ll go over the next steps and what the onboarding will look like.  

Do I need my COE in order to begin the application process?

Yes. To begin and move forward in the application process, you will need your Certificate of Eligibility (COE.)

Will I receive Basic Allowance for Housing Benefits (BAH) through the VET TEC program?

Yes, but at the online rate. LEARN academy only offers a live-remote program at this time, and students will receive the online BAH rate.

What does a typical day look like at LEARN academy?

During your time in our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp, you’ll spend 3 of your months inside our virtual classroom. Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST, you will meet and collaborate with your classmates and instructors inside our virtual classrooms. Throughout the day, you’ll spend time learning full-stack development with group discussions, coding projects, and pair programming sessions. During month 4, you’ll spend this time at a remote coding internship. The internship schedule is similar and remote, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST.

How does LEARN academy's internship work?

LEARN academy guarantees a remote coding internship experience as a part of the program, including VET TEC students. We average around 20 students per cohort and usually bring in about 8-10 companies. These companies vary in size and industries and are all across the United States.

Is LEARN academy an online or in-person coding bootcamp?

LEARN academy’s VET TEC-approved 4-month Intensive Bootcamp only offers a live-remote/online format at this time. While our program is virtual, you will still meet and collaborate with your instructors and classmates.

Does LEARN academy provide Career Services for VET TEC students?

Yes. As a part of our program, all students are provided career services for life. Meaning you will work with our Career Services Manager and design a job search plan that aligns with your goals. Then, when you’re ready to see what the next step in your career looks like, we’re here for you too. Additionally, as a part of the VET TEC program, you get access to many career resources that we help you take full advantage of.

Does LEARN academy offer any prep courses?

Yes. Through the VET TEC program, you will need to take our prep course, our Jumpstart Weekend Coding Bootcamp. Jumpstart takes place every month throughout one weekend and takes twenty hours of your time. You will get a chance to meet some of your instructors and classmates, and you will get a precise picture of how our remote program operates. Additionally, you will learn all the skills needed to start day one of our program fully prepared. We cover HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and by the end of the weekend, you will have coded a website from the ground up and deployed it to the internet.