Vet Tec students learning to code from a LEARN academy instructor

Get Career Ready in 16-Weeks

LEARN academy is a VET TEC-approved online coding bootcamp dedicated to aiding individuals in successfully transitioning into the tech industry. Over a 16-weeks, you’ll dive into full-stack web development, covering both front-end and back-end. Additionally, our comprehensive career services ensure you acquire the professional skills necessary to elevate your career in tech swiftly.


16-Week VET TEC Coding Bootcamp

Where skills meet strategy, our program is for those ready to dive into tech. We offer more than just a roadmap; we provide mentorship and the driving force you need. It’s not just about landing a job; it’s about building a career.

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A compass for tech newcomers to navigate the “is-this-for-me?” feeling. A supportive environment to boost your confidence and set you up for the next phase of your journey.

30 days of pre-cohort support

Jumpstart – 20 hours of immersive training
1-on-1 Beginner Skills Training
Dedicated Career Mentor
Access to Fundamentals Curriculum


Laying your career’s first brick and building upon your skills daily, you’ll start to perceive the bigger picture and understand the ‘why’ behind every line of code you write.

240 hours of curriculum

10 dedicated projects
1-on-1 meetings
Individualized Feedback
Code challenges
Tech Talk training
Pair Programming
Whiteboard Training
Mock Interviews
Lifetime access to curriculum
JavaScript Foundations
Introduction to React
Intermediate React
RubyPostgreSQL & ROR Models
Active Record
MVC Architecture


Where the artistry of front-end and the science of back-end unite, you’re now at the helm of the imagination, creation, and deployment of full-stack applications.

200 hours of curriculum

2 dedicated projects
1-on-1 meetings
Individualized Feedback
Code challenges
Capstone project
Project Management
Pair Programming within a team
Agile Development
Product Management
Lifetime access to curriculum
Ruby on Rails
Combining React and Rails
Rails APIs
User Authentication


Transition from classroom theories to hands-on skills. Dive into real-world projects, experiencing a developer’s rhythm and team collaboration, mirroring the tech industry’s dynamics.

160-hour live-remote experience

1 dedicated project
1-on-1 weekly meetings
Real-world experience
Experiential learning
Project Management
Agile Development
Contributing to Open Source
Code Reviews

Career Readiness

Alongside the course, you’ll adapt classroom skills to job market wins. By graduation, you’re not just prepared — you’re set for a smooth and effective job search.

16 weeks of curriculum

40 hours of hands-on training
180 days of dedicated Career Coach
Customized Job Search Plan
Industry Guest Speakers
Alumni & Recruiter Panels
Portfolio/project integration
Linkedin training
Identifying Transferable Skills
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Salary Negotiation Coaching
Resume/Cover Letter training
Career Path Guidance


Enter into a tribe of trailblazers, a community that transcends a network. As you embark on your new career, you’re never alone. You’re part of a family with you at every step.

Lifetime access

Access to LEARN community
Office Hours/Study Groups
LEARN Slack Community
LEARN Discord Community
Access to Hiring Partners

LEARN more about RubyReactJavaScriptPostgreSQLRuby on RailsCSSHTML

LEARN more about our VET TEC Approved Program

LEARN Academy Course Syllabus
Curious about how our VET TEC coding bootcamp works? Download our course syllabus to learn more about the structure of our program and the programming languages we teach.

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VET TEC student pair programming with another coding bootcamp classmate

Immersive Classroom Experience

More than just another online course, immerse yourself from 9 am to 5 pm PT, Monday through Friday, in an atmosphere pulsating with passion, collaboration, and purpose for a transformative four months.

VET TEC student with laptop working with other students inside a virtual classroom

We're With You Every Step of the Way

Your coding journey doesn’t end once you graduate; we’re just getting started. Our Career Services team provides a custom career search plan and extensive support to launch your new career into tech. Additionally, our support doesn’t end there. We’re here when your resume needs a refresher, or you need some advice, or when you’re ready to take your career to the next level.

VET TEC student collaborating with other coding bootcamp students inside a virtual classroom

No coding experience? We've got you covered.

Jumpstart is our weekend-long prep course that teaches you all the skills needed to start our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp. You will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and you’ll also see exactly how our virtual classroom operates.


Enrollment Process

We’ve helped many individuals through the VET TEC program. Our application and interview process ensures that our 4-month Intensive Bootcamp is the right fit and aligns with your career objectives.


This will take about 10-15 min of your time, make sure to answer the questions completely. Our application is designed to learn more about why you’re looking for a career change.


The interview will be a Zoom Meeting and will allow us to get to know each other a little bit and ensure this is the right learning environment and path for you.


Once your Interview is completed, our Enrollment Committee will review your Application and Interview. This process usually takes 1-2 days.


You will be notified once the Enrollment Committee has decided whether you will be accepted into one of our upcoming cohorts.


Once you have been accepted into an upcoming cohort, you will begin the Onboarding process. During this time, we will need to collect some documents, secure your tuition funding, meet your instructors, and start the pre-work materials.


Jumpstart, workshops, and tutorials, students get exclusive access to all of these resources to be fully prepared for day one.

Doing a career switch is no easy feat but LEARN made it such a smooth process.  I was able to find an amazing job as a software developer right after my internship and although it's more of an atypical outcome, the fact that such a possibility exists shows just how legitimate the LEARN program is. I absolutely do not regret my decision at all!

Software Developer at Galley

Being at LEARN Academy not only kept me motivated to cram months and months of full stack development knowledge within a short period of time, but the staff and leadership shared past experiences and lessons learned as a developer, offered mentorship, and provided access to the invaluable network within San Diego. I cannot thank LEARN Academy enough to allow me to switch from being a healthcare management consultant to a data engineer within a few months, which ultimately allowed me to achieve my goal of being within the software industry and actually making a difference. While I am done with…read more

Data Engineer at

LEARN distinguishes itself from other coding bootcamps by fostering a real community, where almuni continue to contribute long after graduation. Either by coming to events it hosts, or by convincing their companies to host interns. The internship program was the original reason why I chose LEARN, and I wasn't disappointed. It's one thing to learn stuff in class, but having placement to be able to immediately translate your skills into working on a real product is invaluable, as is being able to get your foot in the door. The career services also did a great job keeping in contact post-graduation,…read more

Developer Apprentice at Notch8

Full Time Bootcamps

2023 Golf

2023 Golf

Oct 02, 2023 - Feb 09, 2024
Applications Open
Live Remote
2023 Hotel

2023 Hotel

Oct 09, 2023 - Feb 16, 2024
Applications Open
Live Remote
2023 India

2023 India

Nov 11, 2023 - Mar 15, 2024
Applications Open
Live Remote


Yes. LEARN academy’s 4-Month Intensive Bootcamp is a VET TEC approved coding bootcamp. We’ve worked with many individuals through the VET TEC program and have helped them launch successful careers in tech.
To begin the application process at LEARN academy, you will need to have your Certificate of Eligibility, which means you have been approved to use VET TEC benefits. If you have not applied to the VET TEC program with the VA, you can apply for the program here.
When you are ready to apply to our program, please complete your application. Next, you will schedule your Interview with our Enrollment team. Then, finally, we’ll go over the next steps and what the onboarding will look like.  
Yes. To begin and move forward in the application process, you will need your Certificate of Eligibility (COE.)
Yes, but at the online rate. LEARN academy only offers a live-remote program at this time, and students will receive the online BAH rate.
During your time in our 16-Week Intensive Bootcamp, you’ll learn and collaborate inside our virtual classroom. Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST, with your classmates and instructors. Throughout the day, you’ll spend time learning full-stack development with group discussions, coding projects, and pair programming sessions. You will also participate in a 16-week Career Services program that runs alongside the course.
LEARN academy’s VET TEC-approved 16-Week Intensive Bootcamp only offers a live-remote/online format at this time. While our program is virtual, you will still meet and collaborate with your instructors and classmates.
Yes. As a part of our program, all students are provided career services for life. Meaning you will work with our Career Services Manager and design a job search plan that aligns with your goals. Then, when you’re ready to see what the next step in your career looks like, we’re here for you too. Additionally, as a part of the VET TEC program, you get access to many career resources that we help you take full advantage of.
Yes. Through the VET TEC program, you will need to take our prep course, our Jumpstart Weekend Coding Bootcamp. Jumpstart takes place every month throughout one weekend and takes twenty hours of your time. You will get a chance to meet some of your instructors and classmates, and you will get a precise picture of how our remote program operates. Additionally, you will learn all the skills needed to start day one of our program fully prepared. We cover HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and by the end of the weekend, you will have coded a website from the ground up and deployed it to the internet.