What’s on your bucket list?

In 1999, screenwriter Justin Zackham had no idea what he was starting when he wrote a list of things he wanted to do before he kicked the bucket – which he quickly renamed “Justin’s Bucket List.” Over the years, he kept this list pinned to his bulletin board. After realizing it was a good premise for a movie, he wrote the screenplay for the well-known 2007 movie “The Bucket List”, cementing the phrase in our vernacular.

One of our LEARN final projects focused on an application that can record and monitor your bucket list, so naturally, in our quest to get ourselves well-acquainted with our newest cohort, we asked them to list one item from their own bucket list! We got some great responses.

Rodolfo wants to ride his bike up Mont Ventoux in France. We discovered that this is quite an admirable goal! Mont Ventoux, located in the Provence region of France got it’s name for being windy, and is quite well-known for being one of the most grueling climbs when it is included in the Tour de France.

Jessica wants to fly a helicopter, and there is no shortage of flight schools in the San Diego area! Whether she wants to get her hands on the controls for just a few minutes, or if her goal will only be satisfied by getting her piloting license, she has plenty of options. Mrinalini’s aspiration of becoming a trapeze artist or a skydive instructor are both easily met within county lines. There are at least three schools devoted to the aerial arts, and she can choose from a few different skydive schools – or go for an indoor option at iFly! Even Andrew’s lofty goal of going to space appears to be feasible, though quite expensive. For $250,000, you get a seat to space and admission to the Future Astronauts Community with Virgin Galactic (a spin-off of Virgin Atlantic). No word on the next scheduled departure!

Then we have a few students interested in travel slightly closer to home: Carlos, Jeannette and Timothy. Carlos’ destinations of choice include Japan and Spain. If you want to avoid tourists, the rainforest on Yakushima Island (a UNESCO heritage site) is not to be missed. In keeping with the island theme, check out La Graciosa in Spain. While it is a part of the Canary Islands, it is the opposite of it’s hard-partying fellow islands. There are a few villages to stay in, a local population of about 700, and no paved roads! Jeannette, who would like to travel the world, and Timothy who would like to go on a month-long family vacation through Europe would be smart to start their search for destinations and flights with Nomadic Matt! This is a great travel resource website where you can find the answers to so many questions – even ones you didn’t realize you had.

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