What to expect during Professional Development Week

Hi everyone!!!

It’s Bianca, your friendly Career Services Manager here. I’m gearing up for my favorite week of curriculum… Professional Development Week! This will be my 3rd time teaching, and I can’t wait for another week of growth, learning, and digging deep into what makes you unique to the job market.

If you’re a newbie around LEARN, you may be wondering what Professional Development Week is all about and why we pause our web dev curriculum to focus on it. Well I’m here to tell you a little bit about what it is & why we do it!

First starters, we cover a LOT of material in Professional Development Week. Here’s a brief overview of what all we cover.

  1. The LinkedIn Profile: Otherwise known as the most important professional tool on the market!
  2. The Resume: With so many formats & opinions on this doc, we get down to the nitty gritty → What is most important on them?
  3. The Cover Letter: How do you tell your story? From _____ to Web Developer.
  4. The Phone Interview: Believe it or not there is a “best way” to answer interview questions, and we spend a lot of time practicing.
  5. The Technical Interview: Whiteboarding to coding challenges, your questions are answered.
  6. The Elevator Pitch: Learn how to casually yet effectively sell yourself when you meet a cool dev manager at a Meetup.
  7. The Salary Negotiation: Yes, you all need to negotiate. We go over how!
  8. The Portfolio: Should you buy a template? Should you build from scratch? (hint: both are awesome.)
  9. The Tech Talk: Nervous to network? Tech talks are the best way to get folks to come up to YOU at a Meetup.
  10. The Startup Crawl: No doubt everyone’s favorite part of the week! The Crawl includes visits to local tech companies to see their digs & get a feel for their dev scenes.

Because we want you to feel as prepared as possible when it comes to the job search. We know it is daunting and can be ever-humbling, but with the right tools, you will be up for the challenge.

More questions about Professional Development Week or Career Services?
Email me: bianca@learnacademy-wp-production.notch8.cloud

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