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What Makes a Great Web Developer?

Today, more people are technologically savvy than at any other point in history. Just about everyone has a smartphone or computer they use to get news, have fun, do work, and communicate with their coworkers and loved ones. 

The good news is: this means the need for skilled coders is greater than ever! The bad news is: more people are getting into web development than before, which makes it harder for an up-and-coming programmer to stand out from the crowd. 

So, how do you make yourself more interesting to potential employers? For starters, you need to learn to code at a reliable full stack web developer bootcamp in San Diego. Then, you must acquire certain highly sought-after qualities. Read on to learn more.

Table of Contents:

What are the qualities of a good developer?

Good web developers are rare. They tend to be three times more productive than average and serve as a force multiplier in their team. This is because, in addition to writing superb code, these developers also boast some intangible traits that make them invaluable to their employers.

These qualities include:

  • Positive attitude. Serious web developers are devoted to the project they’re working on and will go the extra mile to ensure it’s completed on time and in a satisfactory manner. They maintain a positive outlook and help inspire other members of their team.
  • Fast learners. Good programmers go out of their way to master new technologies and use them to solve existing problems more efficiently. This also enables them to promptly switch team roles or learn new programming languages. 
  • Reliability. Quality developers have strong task and time management skills. They’re able to correctly estimate how much time it will take to complete a particular task, know how to optimize their workflows, and can be relied on to deliver their work on time. 
  • Excellent communication skills. A top-of-the-line developer is able to quickly understand problems, translate them into hypotheses, and create easy-to-understand solutions. 
  • Good at teamwork. Expert developers can help their teammates improve by teaching them new skills, producing technical documentation, and assisting them when they’re stuck. 

In-depth technical expertise. Top developers have huge fields of expertise. Not only are they masters of certain technologies, but they probably also have a working knowledge or at least a competence in many others.

How can I improve programming logic?

No matter how you go about it, coding is an abstract skill set that requires a logical mindset. Almost nobody is born with this mindset, but we can all internalize it and keep improving it throughout our careers. 

And while this mindset naturally grows and improves as you get more experience as a coder, there are still certain techniques you can use to improve it at a faster rate. 

These techniques include:

  • Visualization. Before you start coding, make a rough sequence, activity, or any other kind of UML diagram that serves as a visual representation of your project. This makes it easier to improve and reason your logic, and gives you a wider “view” of your project. 

Coding challenges are a great way to exercise your coding muscles. What’s more, you can discover creative new ways to solve coding problems by reviewing other people’s submissions. All this contributes to your own logical mindset.

Who provides a first-rate full stack web developer bootcamp in San Diego?

Located a short walk from Park at the Park, Learn Academy is the leading programming academy in San Diego. Our intensive coding bootcamps provide students with three months of theoretical lessons and exercises, followed by a month-long internship at a successful firm. 

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