person at computer answering beginner coding questions

Beginner Coding Questions: How Do I Get Ready for a Coding Bootcamp?

Web development can seem very scary to newcomers. After all, it wouldn’t be so sought-after and so well paid if it wasn’t difficult to master, right? Don’t let yourself be discouraged! The reality is that a serious student can learn to code in just a few months

Two main factors make this possible. First, we know a lot more about coding and have access to much bigger libraries than we did ten years ago. Second, these days we have in-depth coding bootcamps that can turn a newbie into a working junior coder in a matter of months. 

So how do you get ready for a weekend coding bootcamp in San Diego, CA, and what can you expect to learn? Keep reading to learn the answers to these common questions about coding bootcamps. 

Table of Contents:

What do I need to know before coding bootcamp?

The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s not going to be easy. After all, you’re learning a whole new language to communicate ideas. If you’ve never done anything like this before, coding is probably going to seem tough and confusing at first. 

Don’t give up! The longer you stick with it, the sooner it’ll all click together and start making sense. Unlike many other skills, coding doesn’t require you to memorize many different facts and concepts. 

Instead, it requires you to develop a problem-solving outlook that you can apply to almost any programming situation. The more you exercise your abilities as a problem solver, the deeper your understanding of your chosen language will become.

What will I learn at an intensive programming bootcamp?

There’s no such thing as a universal coding curriculum. However, there are specific programming languages and widely-used web development tools crucial for any prospective developer. 

These include:

  • HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML allows you to build simple web pages, which is the fundamental building block of the internet. 
  • CSS is the second fundamental element of web design alongside HTML. CSS allows developers to create advanced styles and layouts. It’s practically impossible to be a web developer without having a firm grasp of both HTML and CSS.
  • JavaScript is possibly the most popular coding language in the world today. JavaScript allows web developers to create interactive features for websites and are an integral part of front-end applications. 
  • Ruby on Rails is a back-end (server-side) web application framework written in the Ruby general-purpose programming language. Due to its ease of use, it’s especially popular among full-stack developers.
  • React is a popular JavaScript library used to create highly interactive user interfaces by effectively translating the developers’ declarations. 
  • PostgreSQL is a free object-relational database that uses the SQL language and builds on it. It contains numerous features that enable coders to manage and protect their data, as well as build applications.
  • Github is a web-based platform designed to make it easier for developers to collaborate by providing source code management functionality and distributed version control.

Where can I enlist at the top weekend coding bootcamp San Diego CA has to offer?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, it may seem like a wrong time to get into coding. Nothing could be further from the truth! This lockdown is an excellent opportunity to dive into programming between the extra free time and the fact that reputable coding academies enable you to attend their bootcamps from home. 

LEARN academy offers both weekend bootcamps for beginners and intensive 4-month bootcamps for those who want to kick-start their coding careers. Whether you live in the heart of San Diego or Skyline Hills, you’ll be able to attend all our lessons online safely. Enlist today!