Why Is JavaScript so Popular and Why Should You Learn It?

In this day and age, becoming a professional coder at a reputable code academy that teaches JavaScript in San Diego is one of the best career choices a person can make. With more and more countries getting fast Internet coverage, the world wide web is bound to keep growing, which will dramatically increase the demand (and the payout) for knowledgeable web developers.

But wait, what exactly is JavaScript, and why is learning JavaScript in San Diego a better choice than learning some other programming language? Where can you get effective JavaScript training anyway?

Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

What is JavaScript and what is it used for?

JavaScript is a programming or scripting language that enables you to implement complex web page features. These include things like timely content updates, animated 3D/2D graphics, video players, scrolling video jukeboxes, interactive maps, browser-based games, and a plethora of other stuff.

All of these features fall under the umbrella of front-end development. In coding terms, front end signifies all the graphical interfaces and forms that website visitors interact with directly. JavaScript is primarily used for front-end development.

What is back end development?

Websites are like cars. Users get to see the outer body and interact with the controls, but it’s the engine and other internals that actually make the car run. In the world of web development, back end is the “engine” that makes the site work. For example, Ruby on Rails is an excellent back-end coding language.

How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

It depends on how you go about it. It’ll come as no surprise to anyone that having access to first-rate teachers and an optimized curriculum will result in a faster, better, and more pleasant learning experience. Luckily, competitively-priced coding bootcamps are available in San Diego.

A full-stack coding bootcamp should:

  • Include at least 3 months of theoretical lessons and exercises.
  • Include a month-long internship at a respected company.
  • Teach both front-end and back-end coding in order to produce versatile programmers.
  • Teach HTML and CSS.
  • Train you to use additional coder tools such as Git, GitHub, and so on.
  • Have superbly-trained and experienced teachers.
  • Have comfortable and well-equipped premises.

A word of warning: trying to learn JavaScript on your own using free resources may sound like a great idea, but in reality, it’s going to hurt your career by making you internalize bad coding habits and roundabout ways of doing things. Worse, you won’t have anyone to help you when you get stuck.

What are the differences between JavaScript and Ruby on Rails?

JavaScript is primarily a front-end programming language while Ruby on Rails focuses on the back end. Each of these languages is a different side of the same coin, which is why being trained in both of them is a great way to become a highly versatile web developer.

What is the most trusted code academy JavaScript in San Diego?

Located near San Diego Central Library, Learn Academy is California’s premier coding bootcamp. Whether you’re a longtime coder looking to expand your skillset or a novice with no previous experience in development, our intensive four-month bootcamp is sure to dramatically boost your coding career.

Not only will the bootcamp teach you everything you need to know to start working in web development, the internship will also give you a vital opportunity to make industry contacts and possibly land a job right after bootcamp.

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