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Is Ruby on Rails a Good Choice for a Coding Beginner?

Few things in life are certain, but being bombarded with great employment opportunities is pretty much a given if you’re a trained web developer. What’s also certain is that the world of coding tends to be confusing to newcomers.

They often ask questions such as “how do I start a career in coding?”, “which programming language should I learn, Ruby vs JavaScript?”, “are Ruby and Ruby on Rails the same thing, or are they different languages?”, Is Ruby difficult to learn?”.

We’ll answer some of these questions in the following article, and also tell you how to kickstart a programming career in San Diego. Read on to learn more. 

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Is it easy to learn Ruby?

Absolutely! But being easier to learn than other programming languages isn’t the only reason why Ruby is so great

Ruby’s many advantages include:

  • It teaches you tried-and-true coding practices that make mistakes less likely and prevents you from developing bad habits.
  • It saves you time by adhering to the “write less code” principle. Not only does this enable you to get more done with less code, but it also makes it easier to troubleshoot problems and decreases the chance of making an error.
  • It’s open-source. In addition to being free, Ruby also has a massive user base that can help you get a deeper understanding of this language and assist you when you get stuck.

And yet, instead of being just a Scheme for Netscape Navigator, JavaScript went on to become something much bigger.

What is the best way to learn Ruby?

Many people are afraid of getting into coding because they think it takes years to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, full-time programming bootcamps enable even complete beginners to land a coding job in just a few months.

Before enlisting in a bootcamp, however, make sure it has the following:

  • A tried-and-true curriculum
  • First-rate premises and teaching equipment
  • A one-month internship at a reputable company
  • A curriculum that covers more than one programming language
  • Lessons on crucial web developer tools such as Git, GitHub, etc.
  • Seasoned teachers who provide both practical and theoretical lessons

Is it hard to learn Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a server-side (back-end) web application framework that has been written in Ruby. It’s a model-view-controller framework that provides default database, web page, and web service structures. 

And no, it’s not hard to learn at all! Between its thriving community and its straightforward workflow, Ruby on Rails may be one of, if not THE, most beginner-friendly frameworks in existence.

While this plan didn’t stop Microsoft from taking over the web browser market and driving Netscape Communications out of business, JavaScript nonetheless managed to escape its “walled garden” roots.

Can I learn Ruby on Rails without Ruby?

It’s possible, but why would you want to? Ruby on Rails is a framework written in Ruby. The two are deeply connected and having a thorough understanding of how both of them work can make you a far better coder overall.

The good news is, you won’t have to choose between the two. Top-quality web development bootcamps teach their students both Ruby and Ruby on Rails (plus much more).

How do I become a web developer in San Diego?

The single most effective way to become a professional coder is to enlist at Learn Academy. Our intensive four-month bootcamp is designed to turn a total beginner into a full-time coder with real work experience. Located in Downtown San Diego, our premises are modern, pleasant, and outfitted in a way that facilitates the learning process. 

In fact, you don’t even have to worry about which coding language you should learn. Ruby vs Javascript comparisons are unnecessary, because we’ll teach you both! This not only allows you to choose between front-end and back-end positions, but also enables you to become a highly sought-after full-stack developer!

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