What’s the Best Way to Learn Coding Online: Tips for Beginner Developers

Person at computer looking to learn coding online

In 2020, learning a programming language and becoming a professional coder is an excellent path to a thriving tech industry career. Unfortunately, work and other responsibilities often make it difficult for people to find enough time to study. 

The COVID-19 lockdown has temporarily changed things, and a lot of us seem to have more free time available. Why not use this time to better yourself and learn some new skills? We recommend using this time to practice your programming skills and attending online coding bootcamps. 

Let’s say you’re a complete newcomer to the world of programming. What is the best way to go about learning coding online for beginners in San Diego? What elementary skills do you need before you can get started, and how do you obtain these skills? Read on to learn more. 

Table of Contents:

What are basic coding skills?

When people think of basic coding skills, what first springs to mind are the fundamental languages such as HTML and CSS. While mastering these languages is crucial, developing certain personality traits is even more critical in the long run.


Programming is an advanced skill set that no single individual can ever completely master. As a result, it often seems daunting to beginners. To succeed as a coder, you’ll need to get over any frustration, impatience, distractions, and other problems that may reduce your ability to master complex concepts.

Problem-solving mentality

Having logic skills and identifying bugs, mistakes, and bad lines of code is a trait every successful coder needs to have. Some developers are born with it, while others develop it over time. If you love physics and math in school, you’re going to love coding.

Teamwork skills

Unless you plan on being a freelancer, you’re likely going to be working with other people. This skill is especially vital in reputable tech companies, as these businesses tend to work on large projects that require dozens or even hundreds of individual developers to complete.

How do you get coding skills?

There are three ways to become a programmer. You can attend a specialized university, attend a bootcamp, or go it yourself. Doing it on your own might sound great in theory. Still, it almost invariably results in the student either giving up or developing bad coding habits that make it impossible for them to find an excellent coding job. 

That leaves two options: university and bootcamp. While you’ll learn a lot of useful stuff at a university, you’ll also spend years in school and likely accumulate a student debt. 

That’s where coding bootcamps come in. A quality bootcamp teaches you everything you need to land a job as a developer in months and provides you with an internship at a top-notch company. Making it one of the most cost-efficient ways of becoming a coder. 

Where can I practice coding?

The best place to practice coding is in an actual working environment. And the best way to get there as soon as possible is by attending a full-time coding bootcamp that teaches you the skills you need to work as a programmer and provides you with an internship. 

What’s the fastest way to get started as a coder in San Diego?

There’s no better way to quickly learn coding online for beginners in San Diego than by enlisting at LEARN academy. We offer world-class coding bootcamps that include teamwork between students and month-long internships at reputable companies. 

Our bootcamps are available remotely as well. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Mission Beach or Santa Ana: you’ll still reap the full benefits of our bootcamps without having to leave your house! Get in touch with us today.