Welcoming The Delta Class of 2016

DELTA 2016


If you’re considering enrolling at LEARN, you might have some questions about what it’s like. Who will your fellow students be & will you fit in? You’re not alone! Here is an inside look at how we start to get to know one another.

New beginnings can often be unsettling, so we broke the ice with a class selfie. This was swiftly followed by something that most people either love, or hate – a survey! We wanted to get to know our students better by asking them a few questions, and while we didn’t get responses from every student, one theme that quickly emerged was that everyone here had a very different background. Developers come from all different walks of life, so it is only fitting that we should see that represented in their responses. Maybe you will find someone with a similar background to yours.

The first question was, “What did you do professionally prior to LEARN?” Some students came from a more technical background of software and hardware testing, or SSRS reporting (Rodolfo and Jeannette, respectively!). There are some obvious benefits to a technical background, such as already knowing the terminology and being comfortable with basic coding tasks. Thankfully, these are all skills that can be taught!

Two of our students came from an educational background as a student and a recent graduate from NYU (looking at you, Andrew and Mrinalini!). The obvious benefits of an educational background is that these students are experienced at learning! We love LEARNers, and are happy to continue helping them on their educational journey.

Or, perhaps you have a background that’s less easily categorized, as a server and certified tailor, paralegal, or machinist (in that case, you’d want to talk to Jessica, Carlos, or Timothy to hear what that transition is like!). It is very common to hear about how uncommon it is that people are working in the field of study that they thought they were interested in. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is recognize that you would be happier doing something else & start exploring what that might look like. If that resonates with you, consider attending one of our weekend Jumpstart sessions. It is a valuable way to spend a weekend learning the basics of HTML/CSS, and more importantly, getting some first hand knowledge about web development without committing to an entire class session.

Wherever you come from & however you got here, we are delighted to welcome the Delta class to the LEARN family. Keep working hard and great things will happen!

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