How to Become a Professional Coder?

Can you think of a profession that’s well-paid, in constant demand, and can be mastered without having to spend years attending a university? That’s right, we’re talking about programmers in general and web developers in particular.

We live in a time when a quality web developer bootcamp in San Diego can teach you everything you need to become a full stack developer, and also give you real-world working experience in only four months.

But, what about after you finish your bootcamp? How do you go about actually getting the job you want? What are web developer interviews like? What are the coding tests and how do you pass them? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions.

How do I prepare for a web developer interview?

After you’ve gone through the training needed to become a coder, and learned everything you need to start working as a full-stack developer, you’ll typically begin by sending out your resume to the companies you’re interested in working for.

If your resume is strong (and it will be if you attended a top-notch full-stack developer bootcamp), you’ll soon be invited for an interview. As in all walks of life, first impressions are critical, which is why you should take some time to thoroughly prepare for the interview.

In order to get ready for your web developer interview, you should:

  • Research the company you’re applying for. Examine their website and use Google to find articles, press releases, blogs, reviews, social media posts, and even forum discussions about the company. This should give you a good picture of what they’re all about and how they do things.
  • Talk to one of their developers. Dig through social media or the company’s directories until you find a previous or current employee. Reach out to them in a polite and professional manner. If the company is a good one and you aren’t pushy, they’ll have no problem answering your questions.
  • Find out who are the interviewers. Use social media sites to find their interviewers and learn more about who they are, where they’ve worked before, and what their interests are. Understanding what they’re like as people will help you during your interview and give you further insight into what the company culture is like.
  • Prepare an online portfolio. There’s no better way to show you have coding chops than to have a personal website or an organized profile link at a respectable project repository like GitHub.
  • Relax. Don’t come into the interview feeling and acting stressed. Eat heartily and take a pleasant stroll through the Ruocco Park. Take it easy. Coders are in huge demand these days, so even if you don’t land this job, there will be other opportunities.

How do I pass a coding test?

Some companies include coding challenges in their hiring process. These can seem scary, but they’re actually an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills. There are many such challenges available online, so you can practice before the interview.

Practices that will help you pass your coding test include:

  • Thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you meet the requirements.
  • Include a README file on how to run your app and where its main class is.
  • Do your best to write code that’s as close to production-quality as possible.
  • Writing coding tests yourself will not only make you better at solving them, but also “train” your coding muscles.
  • Design a simple app that’s also robust and extensible.
  • Include some error handling (preferably with stack traces).

Where can I enlist in a first-rate web developer bootcamp in San Diego?

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