Top In-demand Programming Languages to Learn in 2020: Part II

When you come right down to it, coding is a trade, and like any trade it requires you to develop certain skills and learn how to use specialized tools. In the software development industry, these “tools” are called programming languages. 

Just as an aspiring carpenter shouldn’t waste time learning how to drive a bulldozer, a would-be coder should first learn which language is best suited to their chosen field. Once they know that, they can start learning this language at a coding bootcamp in San Diego, CA

In the first part of our in-demand coding languages guide, we explained what you should look for in your programming language of choice. Now we’ll delve deeper into the pros and cons of the most popular languages today. Keep reading to learn more.

Table of Contents:

What are the most highly sought-after coding languages in 2020?

You should never start learning a language because you “heard it’s popular” or because it “runs on many devices”. Even if the language in question is extremely good, it may not be used often (or at all) in the branch of the coding industry you want to work in.

Taking the time to research different coding languages is crucial if you want to ensure you don’t waste time, money, and energy learning a skill set that ultimately doesn’t go well with your talents and personal preferences. 

Some of the most lucrative programming languages today are:


C is a general-purpose procedural machine language that first saw light of day during the early 1970s. Because it offers low-level memory access, C gives coders unparalleled hardware control. This helped it become one of the most influential coding languages of all time.

It’s main advantages include:

Low-level access to memory makes it one of the quickest and most versatile coding languages in existence.

It gives you complete control over the underlying hardware. This enables it to run on any platform and utilize all types of hardware.

Various other programming languages (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.) have been written in C.


Microsoft created this Object-Oriented C-like language during the early 2000s as part of their Common Language Initiative platform. Over the years, C# has spread from Windows to other platforms such as Android and iOS. 

Top 3 features of C# are:

Despite being similar to Java, C# is much better when it comes to the developer experience it provides.

At 20 years old, C# boasts a massive community, as well as large ecosystems of frameworks and libraries.

Like Java, C# isn’t platform-dependent and runs flawlessly on Linux, Windows, and mobile devices alike.


This language began as an object-oriented extension of C. Gradually, it grew into a general-purpose, multi-paradigm coding language. Like C, it’s compiled directly to machine instructions and boasts low-level memory access. 

Its primary features include:

It’s constantly being modernized and improved, especially in the safety and productivity department.

It provides the user with complete control of the underlying hardware, runs on any platform, and can be built to take full advantage of all hardware types.

Its incredible speed makes it particularly useful in resource-constrained and performance-critical systems. 

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