8 Top Programming Languages for 2022

When starting a career in programming, many people find themselves wasting time deciding which languages to learn. Because different languages are suitable for various purposes, choosing the ones depends on the field you want to specialize in. 

But why is learning a programming language important? A programming language helps humans communicate with computers and instruct them to perform specified tasks. Believe it or not, there are around 700 programming languages out there.

If you’re a beginner looking for in-demand programming languages to learn, we are here to guide you. 

This blog has listed top computer programming languages as per the career perspective, job demands, and business requirements in 2022.

8 top programming languages for 2022:

1. Java

As of 2017, 12 million developers use Java around the globe. This is why it is one of the most powerful languages in programming language popularity. 

Java can be used generally as an object-oriented programming language. This means developers can create objects that involve functions and data useful to provide structures for many applications. 

Java benefits people working in e-commerce, financial institutions, and app development. Not only that, but many desktop applications, mobile apps, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud applications also work on Java.

Due to its easy-to-learn and use features, Java’s popularity is understandable. It also helps in improving security and handling large amounts of data. This is why this language is widely used in banking, billing, and the stock market.

Industry giants, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Adobe, and Instagram, also operate on Java.

If you’re wondering what this language can offer you salary-wise, the salaries will be insanely high once you learn Java.

2. JavaScript

By all means, JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language on the web. As per the survey conducted by Statista, around 65% of the respondents were found using JavaScript.

Programmers prefer this language when managing the behavior of the website. JavaScript allows them to create dynamic web elements, including interactive maps, attractive animations, and easily clickable buttons. 

As a result, coders and programmers feel substantial control over the website, which helps them provide an improved user experience.

Want to know the best part? Despite being widely used by experienced coders, JavaScript is one of the best programming languages for beginners. You won’t need any prior coding knowledge to learn this language.

JavaScript is best used for web development, game development, web servers building, and mobile apps development.

Some of the top companies using JavaScript include Microsoft, PayPal, Google, Uber, Walmart, etc. Therefore, learning JavaScript can be the best thing you can do in 2022 to kickstart your career.

3. SQL

SQL, or Structured Query Language, allows programmers and coders to query and manipulate databases. It ranks as the third-most-used language, with 54.7% of surveyed developers using it. 

SQL is a domain-related language that mainly helps programmers manage data via a relational database management system (RDBMS). 

In simple words, SQL locates and retrieves the required data from the database instantly and also updates, adds, and deletes certain records.

This makes it most effective in developing sales reports and managing different business functions.

However, programmers work with small databases as it performs the best there. Being the best domain-specific language, SQL outclasses every other programming language easily.


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is usually used with HTML to update or change the website’s appearance. It is the second-most used language in Stack Overflow statistics, with 63.1% of developers reporting using it.

CSS also aims to provide convenience and an easy-to-use interface like other programming languages. For example, HTML sorts the website text into smaller parts, and CSS determines the page elements’ size, position, and color.

The cascading part refers to passing the same style from parent elements to the children’s elements all over the website. This means you have to use the code for a specific style only on the main page, and it will automatically be applied to the entire website.

Moreover, you also don’t have to rewrite a page to tweak the color.

If you’re more interested in designing and developing websites, you must learn CSS to excel in the field. It is one of the best programming languages for beginners that can help you tackle all website-related issues.

5. NoSQL

NoSQL, or Non-relational SQL, was designed to enhance the scalability of SQL and maintain the ease of use of other languages. 

While SQL uses RDBMS to keep data records in tables and allow users to extract them, NoSQL databases focus more on storing databases in hierarchical networks and supporting large cloud-based apps. 

Having minor differences, NoSQL is still used by businesses to improve SQL’s scalability and manage databases and sales reports more efficiently.

So, we believe that NoSQL will be one of the most-demand programming languages in 2022 to help you boost your skills.

6. C#

Developed by Microsoft in 2000, C# is still used by 31.4% of users worldwide. It is a programming language that works on the .NET framework and is fully integrated with .NET libraries. The most common use of C# is in app development, primarily desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications.

If you’re more inclined towards game development, learning C# can be an ideal option for you. It is used to create games using the Unity game engine, a popular game engine. 34% of the top mobile games are developed using C#, as per a survey.

C #’s popularity is growing, with top companies like Microsoft, Alibaba Travels, Stack Overflow, and Accenture, using it.

According to HackerRank, around 1 of every five hiring managers is searching for a developer having expertise in C#. So, no one can deny that it will be an in-demand programming language in 2022 once again.

7. Python

Python is the present and future of computer programming languages. According to the statistics, 56% of the developers use Python as the primary coding language. In addition, the language is currently used for back-end development, app development, and data science.

Python is one of the most easy-to-learn languages and doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge about programming. This makes it ideal for both – beginners and experienced programmers.

The best part about using this language is that it comes with an extensive library that supports basic tasks and commands. 

Moreover, this library also facilitates artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning processes, and data science.

Not only that, but Python also offers coders interactive qualities that allow them to test right away and save time. Many big giants, such as Intel, Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify, are working on Python. 

Undoubtedly, Python is the king of programming languages currently. Thus, learning this language in 2022 will certainly contribute to your growth.

8. PHP

Last but not least, PHP is one of those programming languages that is going to retain its importance in 2022. 26.2% of the developers said they use PHP the most in the same Stack Overflow survey.

It is an easy-to-use general-purpose scripting language, which is even simpler to learn with no prior experience.

Programmers embed PHP with HTML to add or improve functionality to web pages. It is among the first server-side languages, faster than other scripting languages.

With almost everything going online, developers and programmers continuously explore this language to enhance their skills and beat the competition.

One of the best features of PHP is its ability to prevent threats and attacks. For this reason, it is used by Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo.

How to Learn Programming Languages?

Learning about some of the programming languages out there can be overwhelming, and if you want to learn how to code, you can wonder where you should get started. 

There are so many great ways to learn how to program. You could try your best to navigate self-learning videos or courses, buy books on the subject, or join a coding bootcamp and have professionals teach you how to code step by step.

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