The Musical Tastes of Delta 2016

The final question in our fun new student quiz was, ‘If you could attend the concert of any musician/band (living or dead), who would it be?’ Rodolfo chose Ben Folds Five, a trio out of North Carolina, known for performing with a grand piano and no guitars! And why Ben Folds Five when there are only three of them? Folds claimed that he didn’t want them to be taken too seriously, and also “I think it sounds better than Ben Folds Three.” While they aren’t currently touring, they do reunite from time to time so he should have plenty of time to make this dream a reality!

Jessica chose Rihanna or Led Zeppelin. Rihanna doesn’t have many tour dates listed, but Led Zepagain is a great tribute band that regularly plays in Southern California. Certainly can’t live up to expectations of the original but I hear they put on a great show! Mrinalini chose Red Hot Chili Peppers. She won’t have to wait long to see these rock stars live – they’re playing at the Valley View Casino Center next March! Andrew chose Bob Marley. It might be impossible to see the legend himself these days, but his son Ziggy is scheduled to play some shows at the Belly Up in Solana Beach on the 24th and 25th of this month.

Nach Scratch is a Spanish rapper that Carlos loves, hence his desire to visit Spain. If Spain seems too far away, there’s always Mexico City in February of next year! Jeannette would love to see some Polynesian Reggae performed live. (Seems like a great excuse to plan a vacation to me!) Timothy would love to have had the chance to see AC/DC in their prime. If he was interested in seeing them in their current state, it looks like he’d be in for a wait. Frontman Brian Johnson was ordered to stop performing in March of this year if he wanted to preserve his remaining ability to hear. Things are looking up – he’s been working with a technology company to develop a prototype that would enable him to protect his ears and get back on stage!