Student Spotlight: Veronica Basch

Let’s Check in with Veronica Basch who is a student at LEARN. She has recently finished her 10th¬†week of class. LEARN why she made the decision to switch careers to web development and how LEARN is helping her gain the necessary skills.

1.What made you decide to choose a career in web development?

I had a career as a teacher, and I started to feel like I was no longer moving forward, and I could feel myself getting burned out. It was clearly time for a change, and a friend of mine had made the switch from teaching to developing, so I decided to give it a shot. After doing tutorials and trying to make a decision to change for a year, I decided that this was the path I wanted to go down.

2.Do you have any past educational or work experience in web development?

Nope! During the year prior to the bootcamp, I did try and learn a lot of the basics, but otherwise, no.

3.Were you nervous about switching careers?

Absolutely. Nervous and excited. But, I really like change, and this one felt right.

4.Why did you choose LEARN Academy?

Several reasons. I was living in Las Vegas, and I knew I wanted to attend a bootcamp, so it was all about choosing one. One of the places I really wanted to move to was here, San Diego, so I found a few options (including LEARN) and started checking them out. After visiting, I honestly just felt the most comfortable here, plus I got great feedback from the curriculum. That combined with the internships made the choice pretty easy.

5.What week are you in? How are you liking your experience so far?

This is week 10! Its flown by. I say with confidence that I love it. It’s been a roller coaster at times with being frustrated and feeling lost, to getting super excited about making something work, to finding more of a balance and being more comfortable with not knowing things but knowing that I have the ability to figure it out. Plus, I love the others in my cohort. We work hard and we have fun together, and everyone helps each other out. I’m sad that there are only a few weeks left!

6.What advice would you give students choosing to enroll in LEARN?

Go to meetups, do tutorials outside of class, connect with the others in your cohort, and dedicate a day to yourself that doesn’t involve coding. You work hard during the week, and especially if you are doing work outside of class and on the weekend, your brain needs a break. Do things you enjoy on that day, and learn as much as you can the rest!