Student Spotlight: Toma Nistor

You know what it is… our weekly Student Spotlight. This week, we’re chatting with alum Toma Nistor. Toma started working as a digital marketer and SEO specialist and is now working as web developer at LeaseLabs. Get to know Toma!

What prompted your decision to pursue web development & what do you hope to do when you have completed the program?

When I was 12, I created my first website. Since then, it’s been a hobby and, at times, a second paycheck. Last year, I felt that I needed a career change and the right path seemed like it would be in in the direction of web development. The goal was to turn my hobby into a career and in order to achieve that goal, I needed to dedicate my full time and attention to it, so I took a plunge into the deep end.

What did you do professionally before you came to LEARN?

Before attending LEARN academy, I was a digital marketer and SEO specialist. Part of my job involved web design with static websites and WordPress sites, which was fun as it fueled my desire to create. My background allowed for a pretty seamless transition into web development

What is something that was a pleasant surprise after starting class?

Everyone in the class came from a different background. Each student had their own experiences, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Some had programmed experience, but most didn’t. I was most surprised about the collaborative environment and how we pushed and helped one another.

Tell us one thing you would like to do in your lifetime (AKA something from your bucket list!)

One day I’ll figure out the difference between all of the Baldwin brothers.

What’s your favorite beer?

I like most porters and stouts. If it’s dark, malty, and contains chocolate, vanilla, oatmeal, milk, or coffee, I’ll slurp it down.

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