Student Spotlight: Spencer West

This week we shine our Student Spotlight on Spencer West. Spencer is a recent LEARN alumni who graduated and went on to join Kelly Blue Book as a Testing Specialist. Get to know Spencer!

What is your name?

Spencer West

What prompted your decision to pursue web development & what do you hope to do when you have completed the program?

I always had a love for computers, but kept it as a hobby. I decided to follow that passion and break into the field with the help of the LEARN Academy full stack web development bootcamp. After the bootcamp I got a job at Kelly Blue Book as a Testing Specialist.

What did you do professionally before you came to LEARN?

I had a bunch of odd jobs because my degree was in Communication Studies. I did everything from a delivery driver to a business consultant in the three years after I earned my degree.

What is something that was a pleasant surprise after starting class?

The camaraderie in my cohort. It has been over six months after completing the bootcamp and I still talk to my classmates. We have even scheduled some meetups together.

Tell us one thing you would like to do in your lifetime (AKA something from your bucket list!)

I want to travel to Japan!

What’s your favorite beer?

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier (had to google that spelling).

A great big THANK YOU to Spencer for sharing his LEARN experience! We’re always glad to see our Alumni active and engaged in our community beyond graduation.

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