Student Spotlight: Sharmila Hoskins

You know what Time it is… our weekly Student Spotlight. This week, we’re chatting with Sharmila Hoskins!!

What prompted your decision to pursue web development & what do you hope to do when you have completed the program?

I decided to pursue web development after building a few websites using Wix and Squarespace and not being able to customize them to my liking. I did some online HTML, CSS, and Javascript tutorials and really enjoyed them so I decided to learn more!

I am super happy that I am continuing to work at Donately after the program.

What did you do professionally before you came to LEARN?

I was a spa manager and before that I was a production manager for a clothing company.

What is something that was a pleasant surprise after starting class?

I was surprised by how much I connected with people in my class. I definitely made some close friends.

Tell us one thing you would like to do in your lifetime (AKA something from your bucket list!)

I’ve always wanted to go to India. Particularly Mysore because they have amazing Ashtanga yoga there.

What’s your favorite beer?

Boochcraft kombucha. Its healthy because its kombucha and it has the alcohol of beer!

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