Student Spotlight: Keaton Robinson

You know what it is… our weekly Student Spotlight. This week, we’re chatting with Keaton Robinson. Keaton started working as a videographer and is now working as a Software Developer for SuiteCentric. Get to know Keaton!

What prompted your decision to pursue web development & what do you hope to do when you have completed the program?

My decision to pursue a career in tech was motivated by the upward trend in the technology job market. I figure leaning technical skills now put me in a position to succeed in the future.

My goal after learn was to get someone to pay me to be a developer. I feel like the first job out of the program will be a great stepping stone for bigger and better things.

What did you do professionally before you came to LEARN?

Prior to learn I had the opportunity to edit video full-time. I studied at Colorado State University, where I earned a BA in Media Communication before moving to California with my wife.

What is something that was a pleasant surprise after starting class?

I was pleasantly surprised how much fun the program was. I was genuinely excited to be at learn everyday.

Tell us one thing you would like to do in your lifetime (AKA something from your bucket list!)

If I could do anything I would coach basketball. I hope to one day have the opportunity to coach at the collegiate level.

What’s your favorite beer?

That’s a tough one! Let me get back to you.

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