Student Spotlight: Chris Fasulo

You know what it is… our weekly Student Spotlight. This week, we’re chatting with alum Chris Fasulo. Chris started his professional journey as a Mechanical/Product design engineer and is now working as a Software Engineer at Sony. Get to know Chris!

What is your name?

Chris Fasulo

What prompted your decision to pursue web development & what do you hope to do when you have completed the program?

Throughout the past few years working within the mechanical engineering industry, I have been able to combine my passion for engineering with creative design, fusing form with function. My curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new skills motivates me to stay current with developing technologies and fuels my projects both at work and at home. One speed bump I kept running into when starting new projects, however, was my lack of programming knowledge and experience. That’s when I decided to take some time away from engineering to develop these skills further.

As a result, I am excited to leverage my newly acquired programming skills to gain exposure and credibility in the consumer product industry. I look forward to using everything I have learned thus far to make innovative and unique ideas come to life. My ultimate goal is to open a digital/physical/everything-but-the-kitchen-sink product design consultancy, helping those who have great ideas but may not have the ability or resources to develop them.

What did you do professionally before you came to LEARN?

I was a Mechanical/Product Design Engineer before enrolling at LEARN.

What is something that was a pleasant surprise after starting class?

The positive chemistry throughout the cohort. Everyone was internally driven and there to work hard, but also got along and found time to socialize and get to know one another.

Tell us one thing you would like to do in your lifetime (AKA something from your bucket list!)

The top thing on my bucket list right now is to see the Aurora Borealis…or go to space. Okay so let me rephrase that: my new top bucket list item is to see the Aurora Borealis from space. Elon Musk subscribes to this newsletter, right?

What’s your favorite beer?

Free. But if they’re all out, I’ve gotta go with Lagunitas’ Little Sumthin’.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Chris! Happy to hear your journey progress onward and upward.

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