Spinnaker Summit is Coming to San Diego

Spinnaker, a rapidly growing open-sourced platform, is bringing their annual Spinnaker Summit to the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, CA on November 15th – 17th, 2019. This conference brings together the dynamic Spinnaker user community for a weekend full of keynote speakers, break out sessions and topics, social activities, plus community building and networking opportunities.

What is Spinnaker?

Spinnaker is an open-sourced continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high-velocity and confidence. Spinnaker was created at Netflix and is used by companies like Google, Armory, and Adobe.

Spinnaker provides the building blocks to create customized delivery pipelines. This solution reduces risk and the need to create your own delivery approach. There is usually a solution available through Spinnaker and it is already trusted and developed by major companies like Netflix and Google for handling the delivery of thousands of applications.

Spinnaker’s Origin

Before Spinnaker, Netflix used to have a splintered continuous delivery system. Each system was customized for each organization, and those customizations could not provide support to others. All of this duplicated effort made it difficult to keep up with the latest and best delivery practices.

This changed in 2014. The teams at Netflix decided they needed a new tool that would provide them with a safer and more flexible platform. Netflix’s delivery engineering team collaborated with Google to build Spinnaker. This multi-cloud continuous delivery and infrastructure management tool would be flexible enough to let teams customize their own delivery, but standardized enough to bring best practices and safety to everyone.

Join us at Spinnaker Summit!

Want to become a part of a rapidly growing and vibrant user community? As a community partner, LEARN academy has teamed up with Spinnaker Summit to provide our community with discounted tickets to this exclusive conference. Large companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Nike, Cisco, and Salesforce are active members of the Spinnaker community. Join us at the conference to take your skills to the next level and network with the awesome Spinnaker community!