San Diego Makes Giant Leaps on CBRE Tech Talent Score Card

The CBRE has come out with their new Tech Talent Score Card rankings for 2019. With these updated rankings San Diego shows it is one of the fastest growing tech cities in the country.
This year San Diego placed 14th in cities across North America. Up two spots from last year’s ranking of 16th for top tech talent.
Diving deeper into some of the numbers on the Tech Talent Score Card, San Diego ranks 16th in the country in terms of Tech Talent Jobs as a % of Total Jobs (4.9%). Above San Diego are Kansas City (15th – 5.0%) and Ottowa coming in 1st with 11.2%. San Francisco came in second on the rankings with 9.8%.
As far as wages go, San Diego ranked fairly well with a ranking of 8th out of the major cities. The Average Tech Talent Wage for San Diego came in at $103k. San Francisco ($125.4k), Seattle ($117.3k) and New York ($112.6K) come in First, Second, and Third, respectively.
According to an article in the Union Tribune from Brittany Meiling, growth of tech jobs in San Diego has outpaced nearly every major city in the U.S. and Canada.
Andrew Ewald, the first Vice President of the San Diego CRBE office states that “San Diego’s horizon in the tech industry is incredibly positive.”
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