Running For It | Collaboration Code Radio Episode 9

Track-and-field and web developers? While the similarities might not be there appratently, when you dive in a little bit you can see them. Web Developer teams are a collection of individuals working across individual tickets, using their knowledge and specialties to perform on their tickets to the best of their abilities so the entire team can suceed.

For episode 9 of Collaboration Code Radio we talk with LEARN academy alumni, and Galley Sofrware Developer, Mike LaRocca. We talk about his early years and college days of competing in Track-and-field, how he discovered his passion for coding, getting his start at a BioTech company and then getting the idea to transtion into web development. We also talk about how exciting it is working at the up-and-coming startup in San Diego Galley Solutions, a platform for restaurant chefs to better manage their kitchen and data.