6 Reasons Why Our Coding Internship Is a Game-Changer

LEARN academy isn’t like most of the other Coding Bootcamps out there. LEARN offers a guaranteed internship at a Tech company or start-up. This gives students the chance to get themselves out there and see what life is like as a web developer. The knowledge they received from our Coding Bootcamp enables them to be prepared for whatever gets thrown their way. 

Here are 6 reasons why our Coding Internship is a game-changer for our alumni:

1. Huge Benefit To Companies & Students

Companies that take part in LEARN academy’s internship program come back time after time. Not just for interns, but for when they need to hire new positions to expand and diversify their dev teams.

2. Work On Real Projects

Students will work on projects that will test their skills and prepare them for the job market.

3. Grow Your Network

The internship allows students to expand their network and get to know people in the tech industry that could help them later on in their career.

4. LEARN How to Problem Solve

During the internship, students learn how to think on their feet. There will be times where you will not be familiar with a coding language or solving a particular problem. The internship gives students real-world experience on how to go about solving the issues they are facing.

5. Master the Interview Process

Students will interview at different companies to see which company they would be best suited to intern for. This gives students the opportunity to hone their technical interview skills for their new tech careers.

6. Work On Weaknesses and Grow Strengths

The internship will push students outside their comfort zones and to better prepare them for a web development career. Students will also learn how to get the most out of their strengths and how to use them in their newly found roles.


Each of the alumni you saw in those videos was able to find a tech career after their time at LEARN academy. Each of their experiences at LEARN and their internships built the strong foundation that they needed to join the tech workforce. That is what our guaranteed tech internship is all about.

Searching for an online coding bootcamp with an internship?

Getting into the tech workforce can be rough and confusing where to start. That is where LEARN academy’s online coding bootcamp comes in. Whether you are a recent graduate from UNLV and looking for an online coding bootcamp in Las Vegas, or a recent graduate from UNR and looking for an online coding bootcamp in Reno, we’re here to help you through the process. Now that our program is virtual, we can support individuals from anywhere in the United States.

We wanted to offer aspiring web developers the opportunity to LEARN from experienced coding professionals and LEARN real-world skills at our guaranteed tech internship. That’s right a GUARANTEED tech internship. LEARN academy is one of the only online coding bootcamps that offers this. Once you graduate enjoy our career services (for life!) that will help you find that dream job you have always wanted. We will always have your back. Enroll now for our next online coding bootcamp.