Real-Life Right Now | Collaboration Code Radio Episode 11

Every single person in the world is going through a situation that is completely unprecedented in our lifetimes. We find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic that has taken our lives and turned them completely upside down. But we will not let this bring us down. Every single one of us needs to come together, continue to grow and learn, and make the most of what real-life is right now.

We are pleased to bring a very special episode of Collaboration Code Radio. Similar to most of the workforce across the globe, we have gone remote! For this episode we brought together 3 current students, Andee, Rudy, and Tsz. Our main focus was to talk about the transition from going to the classroom and into the remote classroom. While this was unexpected, these 3 students took on the challenge and have made the best of the opportunity in front of them.