Quarterly Jobs Report (Q2 2020)

With many industries continuing to see a downturn, tech remains a productive piece within the current state of the economy, with software development, in particular, being an essential component.

As many businesses regain confidence and press forward, there still remains a strong need for developers that can help companies through these challenging times. The latest analysis of our second quarter hiring data shows increases in hiring for software developers and some promising news as we begin quarter three.

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During Quarter 1, our hiring data showed a steady session of hiring for developers. As we dove into our Quarter 2 data, we noticed growth in full-time and contract hires. 

Through Quarter 2, there was a 16% growth in total full-time hires in comparison to Quarter 1. Most of the hires were for full-time work, totaling 81% of total Quarter 2 hires. The BPPE qualifies full-time work as 30 or more hours per week. 

Another advancement was with contract hires, totaling 18% of all hires in Quarter 2. Contract or Part-time work is an excellent bridge opportunity for individuals who are still looking for full-time work or individuals who are looking for something alongside their current role. 

Graduates also tended to find work a little faster during Quarter 2. 50% of full-time hires landed a position within one month of graduation, and 52% of total hires landed a job within one month of graduation. 


Growth In Full-Time Hires


Started a Full-Time Position


Landed a Job Within 1-Month of Graduation

Positions Companies are Hiring for Now

Becoming a developer or engineer continues to be the most common path for many of our students. This trend continued into Quarter 2, with 74% of total hires being for a developer or engineer position. 

One of the trends we continue to see in our hiring data is the emergence of dual roles. Dual roles are positions where an individual might be a liaison between two different departments, such as a Development Team and Marketing Team. Of total LEARN alumni hires, 7% were for dual roles, and we believe this trend will continue to rise throughout the rest of 2020. 

Here is a breakdown of all the different tech roles our students landed during Quarter 2.

Q2 2020 Jobs Report - Breakdown by Position

Industries Hiring

As many industries continue to face numerous challenges, some industries are seeing tremendous growth. Similar to Quarter 1, in Quarter 2 we had a few industries that saw increased hiring, and a wide variety of other sectors included in the hiring data. 

The industry with the most hires during Quarter 2 was Real Estate Data, which contained 12% of total hires. The other two most popular sectors were BioTech and Staffing & Recruitment.

Our students have landed in the following industries during Q2:

Q2 2020 Jobs Report - Breakdown by Industry

One of the BioTech companies included in our Quarter 2 hiring data is using their technology to help lead the fight against COVID-19. This company has joined Exscalate4Cov, a super-computing project funded by the EU. They will be providing access to their virtual-reality software, which allows doctors to assess the viability of new drugs in 3D.


The gains for developers’ hiring rates continued to show substantial additions, and we believe this trend will continue into Quarter 3. Companies are still looking for full-time employees, with 81% of our total hires finding full-time work. Something to keep in mind though is contract and part-time work available. 

In conclusion, Quarter 2 proved to be a successful period for our students, showing promising signs for the rest of the year. Even though it is difficult to know what the rest of the year holds, companies are in a far better position to adapt to this rapidly changing environment and have a clear need for talented developers. 

LEARN Q2 Hiring Highlights

  • 74% of hirings were for developer roles
  • 16% growth in full-time hires from Quarter 1
  • 52% of total hires landed a job within 1 month of graduation
  • 27% of internships were hired on full-time or extended