Opening New Doors | Collaboration Code Radio Episode 15

The San Diego tech community and the entire tech community as a whole have had their struggles with being a more inclusive and equitable place for everyone. This has been a problem for a while now and few are acting upon it.

In our 15th episode of Collaboration Code Radio, LEARN academy’s CEO and Co-Founder, Chelsea Kaufman speaks with Kristen Mulder and Ben Stiefel from Mesurabl, a company that is making huge efforts to address these important challenges. During the episode we learn more about how Kristen, a LEARN alumni and Back-End Developer at Measurabl, and Ben, the Development Manager at Measurabl, got their starts into coding, then, we dive into more about what Measurabl does and the culture at this fantastic organization. We also dive deeper into our current scholarship campaign with Mesurabl that enables us to continue to advance our initiatives to promote more growth and diversity in the San Diego tech community.