Top 5 In-Demand Coding Jobs in 2022

A new year always inspires plenty of us to seek a fresh start – and with how this decade has begun, that’s never been more true.

The great news is that, as the digital age continues to evolve and mature, demand for tech jobs is always on the rise. Anyone in the recruiting game will tell you that, as far as job trends 2022 are concerned, tech careers are among the most sought-after in the world.

That said, you’re smart if you understand precisely what kinds of tech careers in demand best fit your skillset. After all, the highest paying tech jobs aren’t always the fastest-growing tech jobs, and vice-versa. So finding that sweet spot is vital.

Similarly, knowing which tech careers in demand are out there means you have a clue if you need to modernize your skillset or retune your resumé in any way. Explore your options below, and you can move forward in your tech career with confidence.

Top 5 In-Demand Coding Jobs in 2022:

  1. Software Developer
  2. Blockchain Engineer
  3. Cloud Architect
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Web Developer

1. Software Developer

If it seems too obvious, that’s because sometimes the most straightforward solutions are still the best ones. Software developers are among the fastest growing tech jobs in the world. The digital era is showing no signs of slowing down, and from programs and apps to games and virtual experiences, the building blocks of code that make businesses’ visions a reality are a talent they’re prepared to pay for.

In fact, with the rise of remote working, software developer tech careers are becoming ever more competitive. Companies worldwide are keen to make sure they’re locking in the best talent. Those unable to compete with attractive salaries, great benefits and a positive working culture are being left in the dust.

Software developers often make up the highest paying tech jobs, especially when fluency in several coding languages can be demonstrated. As always, the most popular programming languages are Java, Javascript, and Python, but newly emerging niche programming languages can often give you an edge when pursuing tech jobs too. So don’t be afraid to learn new coding skills in 2022 to make yourself stand out when pursuing software developer tech careers in demand.

2. Blockchain Engineer

The blockchain has gone from a niche curiosity and intriguing innovation during the 2010s to become the heart of job trends 2022 forecasts. During this decade, primarily, tech careers in demand are focused more and more on the blockchain, crypto and NFT spaces as organizations discover the true potential of this technology.

The beauty of this is that so many of the projects using blockchain technology are open source. That means that even if you’ve tinkered with these code bases as a hobbyist, or sifted through their programming to gain insight into how the blockchain works, you’ve set yourself up to potentially land some of the highest paying tech jobs out there.

For many organizations, the blockchain still has a sense of mystique and the unknown about it. A smart job seeker can use this to his or her advantage, and in doing so, can enjoy some of the fastest growing tech jobs in the entire programming industry.

Plus you get to potentially build the foundations of the metaverse – sure to look good on any resumé!

3. Cloud Architect

Imagine telling a job seeker from the 1990s – or even the 1980s – that one day one of the fastest growing tech jobs around in your time was that of a cloud architect. What a concept to explain to people!

Yet nowadays, the idea of any business trying to operate without a skilled cloud architect is unthinkable. That’s a big reason why job trends 2022 reports so often feature cloud architect tech jobs in their listings.

A big reason why this is one of the highest paying tech jobs is because it leans on a lot of skills you need to be able to demonstrate in harmony with one another. That means not only a strong knowledge of coding, but also a career history of tech jobs in which you’ve shown acumen in networking and cybersecurity.

These are the three pillars of a cloud architect’s job, which involves creating, maintaining, growing and sustaining the cloud infrastructure keeping many of the world’s biggest businesses functional today.

4. Data Scientist

If you love knowing things ahead of anyone else, tech careers in the data science field are a smart move. That’s because data scientists are not only among the highest paying tech jobs, but they’re also making use of some of the most advanced tech advancements known to humankind.

In your role as a data scientist, your daily work will involve fine-tuning machine learning algorithms, as well as diving deep into the worlds of artificial intelligence and predictive modeling – both for people and for machinery.

Your work will continue pushing technology itself forward, using skills honed to perfection in tech jobs at some of the world’s most prestigious organizations.

5. Web Developer

Would there even be an internet to read this tech careers advice on without the applaudable work done over the years by legions of web developers? These people are the backbone of the world wide web, and with skills in HTML, Java, and frequently an eye for design besides, they’re always tech careers in demand.

The online world is forever changing, from the dawn of Web3 to the optimization needs of a business keen to ensure their user journeys see custom, day in, day out.

Web developer tech careers thrive on a solid portfolio, significantly when you can demonstrate how your work sped up, streamlined, or smoothed out the online domains of clients around the world.

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