LEARN Sessions – Intro to Elixir 5/17/2018

Intro to elixir

Elixir is a powerful programming language that makes it possible to build fast, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications, with an elegant syntax that has made Elixir especially popular among Ruby developers who want to explore functional programming.

This workshop will introduce you to Elixir and prepare you to learn more. We will start with a short presentation about the benefits of functional programming in Elixir. Then, we will break into pairs to work through Elixir Koans, a set of exercises that will introduce you to Elixir’s data types and other features of the language. In the end, you will be given a list of resources to help you continue learning Elixir.

Computers will be available, so no need to bring a laptop. This workshop will be appropriate for all beginners to Elixir, whether you are new to programming in general or an expert in other languages.

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About the speaker:

Fiona Voss is a software engineer at Ceatus Media Group and a LEARN alum. She works primarily with Ruby on Rails and is studying computer science remotely at Oregon State University.