Which Coding Language Should I Learn in 2020?

computer with code from popular coding languages

Every era is marked by one or two highly lucrative and sought-after professions. Law and economics used to be that for our parents and grandparents, but this changed the moment the Internet burst into the mainstream and revolutionized communication technologies. 

Nowadays, becoming a coder is the best career decision people can possibly make. With the Internet constantly expanding, and phones and computers becoming ever more ubiquitous, job prospects for a software engineers and coders will only get better in the following years. 

In previous articles, we explained how coding started and why Ruby is still great in 2020. Now we’ll tackle a popular question many would-be developers in San Diego are confused about: JavaScript vs Ruby, which is better? Read on to learn more. 

Which frameworks are popular in 2020?

Frameworks are a key part of web development. Frameworks are set of tools and reusable code put together that allow you accomplush your job better and faster. They allow you to to give basic strcture around your code and gives you greater functionality in your program. 

Here are the top front-end frameworks for 2020:

  • React: built and maintained by Facebook, some of the advantages of React include a Virtual DOM, reusability of React components, and a large open source library.
  • Vue.js: this framework is used for creating user interfaces. Vue.js provides users with clarity and simplicyt, extensive documentation, and tons of devtools and extensions.
  • Angular: the same team at Google who created the original framework, AngularJS, is the same one who updated it to what we see today. This rewrite of the orginal framework gaves users the ability to add component-based architecture, integration of Typescript is a the core language, and a large ecosyste (known as Angular Resources).

Should I learn JavaScript or Ruby in 2020?

You should learn both. The reality is that these are two of the most popular programming languages and they aren’t competing. They’re like two different tools in a single toolkit. In other words: no matter how skilled you are at handling a screwdriver, you still won’t be able to cut wood without a good saw. 

JavaScript is a frontend coding language, which means it’s used to build all the buttons, forms, video players, and other features the user sees and interacts with directly. Making JavaScript one of the ideal programming languages to learn. Ruby on Rails is the opposite. Rails is a framework that uses the Ruby computer programming language. When they are used together, you can easily create web apps, set up servers, databases, and other back-end infrastructure that the site needs in order to function.

By studying both of these computer programming languages, you’ll become something more than a front-end or back-end developer. You’ll have the coding skills to work as a full-stack software developer, which will give you a uniquely versatile skill set that’s invaluable to businesses today. 

Is JavaScript a good first language?

JavaScript is one of the top coding languages today, and yes, it’s easy to learn. In addition to being used to make on-screen visual effects and helping process data on websites, it’s also used to add extra functionality to websites by implementing 3rd party scripts.

Advantages of JavaScript include:

  • It’s a client-side language, which means your CPU does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about server load or bandwidth.
  • It’s easy to learn because its syntax is very similar to English.
  • It’s fast for the end user.
  • It allows you to easily add functionality-boosting scripts to websites.
  • It’s easy to test and debug.
  • It’s not platform-dependent (you can use it on any device).

Is Ruby a good language for beginners?

Without question! Not only is Ruby very beginner-friendly, but it’s also designed to enforce good programming habits and make you an overall better coder. By “assuming” what you want to do, the Ruby framework enables you to get the job done without having to write a lot of code from scratch.

The advantages of Ruby include:

  • Simplicity. Like JavaScript, it utilizes English-like syntax, which makes it easy to use and grasp. It contains in-built solutions for common problems and allows you to do more with less code. 
  • Open-source means Ruby is not only free to use, but also gives you access to a wealth of free resources online, including guides, tests, and challenges.  
  • Fast development. Ruby’s modular design, lean code base, and freely-available open-source code allow you to get a website up and running 30-50% faster than you could if you were using a different back-end language.

Where can I learn to code in San Diego?

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