LEARN alumni are helping MK Decision’s rise to one of FinTech’s top startups

MK Decision, a San Diego technology company, has been gaining national recognition as one of the most innovative companies in the FinTech space. Their efforts have brought them to the Money20/20 USA Startup Academy, the largest FinTech event in North America highlighting companies and “entrepreneurs who create the unimaginable and drive change.”

Community Banks and Credit Unions have a need to provide users with a better Credit Card experience. “Only 23% of credit card applications occur online and only 13% of credit card applications are handled digitally end-to-end,” states Har Rai Khalsa (CMO) of MK Decision. Proving a need to create a better customer experience and digital solution to offer credit cards.

LEARN alumni have contributed to many development projects at MK Decision, most notably, the launch of MK’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) in May of 2018. This technology platform allows Banks and Credit Unions to operate completely digitally from receiving credit card applications to issuing cards.

Consumers and financial institutions see tremendous value from the development of CCOS. Through a mobile-first web-app, users can browse, shop, apply and receive credit decisions, all within seconds. By, “digitizing the customer loan experience,” explains Har Rai, FIs can see an “increase in conversion rates by over 36%.”

Being selected to Money20/20 is going to provide MK Decision with an opportunity to forge new relationships with some of the top VC’s in the FinTech industry. However, sharing their passion for local lending is their ultimate goal. MK Decision’s technology will help Community Banks and Credit Unions capture greater market share and close the technology gap with major credit card issuers.