LEARN academy and Union CoWork team up for scholarship

LEARN academy, a San Diego coding academy and member of Union CoWork has created a new scholarship fund for their upcoming November class starting on the 26th. This is available for members of Union CoWork as well as their friends and family. The goal of this scholarship was to help our community and their network take advantage of the opportunities we have available here at our school.

What does LEARN academy do?

3-months of professional instruction:

Our professional instructors will help you dive into the world of web development where you will LEARN to create web applications from the ground up. We work with all skill levels.

1-month Guaranteed Internship:

During the last month of our program, all students are given an opportunity for an internship at a local San Diego tech company. This internship gets our students their first professional opportunity in the tech industry.

Professional Career Services:

After graduation, our in-house Career Services Manager will work with you on all aspects of job assistance. From tailoring your resume, helping you with salary negotiations, and interview prep, we do everything we can to get you started in a new career.