LEARN about the Internship: Part 3

Being Prepared!

First and foremost, students leave the classroom knowing they’ve already got the skills to succeed in their internship!

But, a little extra prep never hurt anyone! So, we ask all our partnership companies what they want their interns to read / review / study before starting their internship. Then, for the last week of the class, instructors present packets of prep work each student based on their companies requests.

But, you don’t have to cram too much – all of the mentors know that you are there to LEARN!

You Are Not Alone!

Students typically go to an internship in groups of 2-4 to continue in the pair programming environment they have become accustomed to in class (it’s not so scary with a buddy!) At the internship, students will also be paired with a mentor or multiple members of a dev team, who will guide them through the journey, from setup to completing tasks, all the while answering any questions the students have.

Finally, interns have continued access to instructors and staff during their internships. We check in often to make sure the internships are going well and to help out if anything unexpected comes up!

Students remain on our slack communication network and are encouraged to ask questions both of their instructors as well as to the entire network of fellow students and alumni, so that the whole team is helping to get you unstuck as quickly as possible!