LEARN about the Internship: Part 2

The Interviews

Each student will present their resumes and have a 10-20 minute technical interview with 3-4 companies before being matched for an internship.

That may sound really scary! But don’t worry you’ll be ready!

Before you interview, you’ll have a full week of the course devoted to career development, including a resume workshop, technical question prep, and practice interviews.

Making the Match

After all the interviews have completed, the entire LEARN staff works together to make the best internship matches for all of the students and companies.

How do we do it?

We ask each student to rank all of the companies they’ve interviewed with in the order in which they’d like to be placed, giving a description of what they like and dislike about each of the companies in their rankings.

We ask the same of the companies for the students they interviewed.

Then the staff meets and discusses rankings and reasoning to make the best fit match for both the students and companies! A 1st choice match is not guaranteed to either student or company, but we do our best to ensure that all will come away with a great internship experience!

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