LEARN about the Internship: Part 1

The Internship! It’s one of the things that draws students to LEARN academy. Interning at a local company allows LEARNers to take the skills they acquired in the class and apply them to a real world environment, while continuing to learn and grow. Each student is then able to walk away from the class with professional projects to add to their portfolio and that first line of programming experience on their resume.

Many of the students come in the first day of class already excited about the internship! But they are also nervous and have a lot of questions – What company will I intern at? How are we matched to these companies? Will I be ready?

Those are all great questions! So, why wait to get them answered – let’s walk through the internship process together in these posts!

The Companies

We’ll start with our awesome partnership companies. It’s hard to give a list of exactly who they are for any given class because we cycle through partners with availability AND we’re always adding more! But, each class is presented with a variety of companies – they range in size, from 2 person startups to global companies, and vary on their technology platform, some working in Ruby and Rails, others in Javascript, HTML and CSS or even PHP and mobile development, all providing a great opportunity to learn something new! And, they all consist of fantastic members of the SD tech community, who are excited to work with promising junior developers and to help them build their programming skills.

We also try to partner as much as possible with companies that are looking to grow their dev teams, in the hopes that the partnership can continue in some way after the month is over.

Throughout the course, representatives from the companies will come introduce themselves and their company to the class. They’ll discuss the ins and outs and work environment of the company and answer questions from the students. Each company will also present certain tasks the interns will work on, things like fixing bugs or implementing new features.

After you’ve heard from all the companies – we’ll ask you where you want to interview!

LEARN about the Internship Part 2