Internship Perspective from Student Darren LittleJohn

Darren Littlejohn is in his second week of his internship at Whooos Reading. He wants to share a bit of his experience thus far with his internship company and their CTO whom he works directly under. Let’s see what he has learned so far.

I’m in the final two weeks of my 16-week Javascript Bootcamp at Learn Academy. It all went by so fast, with so much information, that I’m still trying to assimilate all of it.

Today on my internship my CTO asked me to become very familiar with arrays (lists of things) and objects (real-world representation of things).

Here’s the code I just wrote. It’s an object with an array, within an object. Objects are real world things, with properties. Like person is a thing that has the property of a name, and a property of psychology, with a list of psychological traits.

let person = {
name: “Bob”,
race: “Asian”,
psychology: {
goodAttitude: false,
intelligence: “average”,
diagnoses: [“bipolar”, “depressive”, “anxiety”]


If I said const person = it would mean that none of those properties would change. But I used “let” because some of the properties, like goodAttitude, might change. In other words, Bob could use an attitude adjustment.

Do you understand Object Oriented Programming with Javascript a little better? If Understanding = true, leave a comment. If Understanding = false, leave a comment!