Top In-demand Programming Languages to Learn in 2020: Part I

At the moment, there are around 600 different coding languages. Some of these, like Java, can be found in a huge number of different devices. Others, like R, are designed for specific functions and aren’t used for general-purpose tasks.

Like new tools and machines, new programming languages are being created all the time in order to keep up with the changing technological landscape. As a result, many would-be developers have trouble deciding which coding language they should learn

As always, knowledge is power. Before you start searching the internet for “top coding bootcamps in San Diego“, you should make sure the language you’re thinking of learning is well-paid and in-demand. Read on to learn more.

Table of Contents:

How do I decide which programming language to learn?

You can’t go wrong by starting a coding career in 2020. The market for developers is bigger than ever and it’s only going to keep expanding. Just make sure to choose a mainstream coding language that isn’t becoming unpopular or outdated.

Your language of choice should:

  • Be firmly established in the software development industry;
  • Be ranked highly on reputable ranking sites;
  • Be popular or growing in popularity;
  • Have extensive resources available (libraries, frameworks, community, etc.);
  • Be well-paid and sought-after in the job market.

Which coding languages are in-demand today?

While there are quite a few popular general-purpose languages to choose from, they’re not all equally suited to every task. You must decide which area of development you want to work in, and then choose a language that’s most useful in that particular field. 

Here are three of the most popular programming languages today:

  1. Java
  2. JavaScript
  3. Python


Java is an interpreted, multi-paradigm, feature-rich coding language that greatly boosts developer productivity. It’s irreplaceable in the enterprise space due to being strictly backward compatible and operating inside a special Java Virtual Machine that can be run on most devices.

Today, it’s the most popular programming language in the world and can be found on at least three billion devices. Skilled Java coders are in high demand, especially in companies that specialize in big data systems and enterprise application development. 


JavaScript began as a specialized programming language for Netscape’s internet browsers. After this rocky start, it slowly evolved into a high-level, multi-paradigm coding language that’s extremely popular with front-end web developers worldwide

JavaScript’s key features include:

  • It’s unmatched when it comes to browser programming.
  • Its ability to provide event-driven coding is extremely useful for I/O heavy tasks.
  • It recently got major overhauls and modernizations that make it especially useful in today’s coding landscape.


Developed during the 90s, Python focuses on the developer experience and makes it easier to master coding. It has gradually grown in popularity until it became one of the biggest coding powerhouses in existence today. 

Python’s three most important features are:

  • It’s designed from the ground-up to be easy to learn and use, but also powerful.
  • It boasts an extremely active support system and community.
  • It has first-class integration with C and C++ and contains various tools and libraries that make it the go-to language in the deep learning, machine learning, and data science fields.

Who provides the top coding bootcamps in San Diego?

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